Doughlings: Invasion is an indie 2D shooter game developed and published by Hero Concept. The game provides players with a classic experience of the '80s along with lots of pop culture references.

Doughlings 3
Doughlings: Invasion is on its way to PC and consoles.

The first game of the series, Doughlings: Arcade, came out in 2018. That was a story about a land where friendly creatures enjoy their peaceful life. In their own dimension, they share the same hobby: to impersonate other cultures. But one day, a meteor hit their village. All these adorable creatures were affected by the toxic gas that leaks from the blast. They quickly lost control and turned into stones. And Dr. Morpheus, who's immune to the disease, saved them all.

Doughlings 2
Dr. Morpheus - the only hope of the village.

Doughlings: Invasion is the latest installment to the franchise. It picks up the original story right where it left off. The village of peaceful creatures once again have to deal with another outer world threat. But this time, there is no meteor but alien invaders, who are coming to take their land, and Dr. Morpheus is ready to protect those residents!

While Doughlings: Invasion is basically an arcade action shooter, the game still features unique gameplay centering around fascinating characters. Players will learn to develop innovative battle strategies, obtain multiple powers by reconstructing DNA throughout the game. Many hostile space invaders and challenging bosses are waiting for you to battle, but with your special abilities, kicking their ass should be a piece of cake.

Don't be merciful with those alien invaders!

All in all, Doughlings: Invasion is a promising shooting arcade that anyone can enjoy. According to the developer, this upcoming game is much likely to bring an innovative experience to the shooting genre.

Doughlings: Invasion is set to come out on August 1, 2019, for PS4 and PC (Steam). A Nintendo Switch version will follow shortly after.