MADievals is a comedy adventure game developed bt 2finger studio and published by Darling Touch and Meangrip Productions. Into the game, you will play as a brave knight named Rusty Steelkee, a relics hunter who never puts down his helmet, or leave his horse Spotffy or his cast-iron drawers. The realm is currently under the effect of the CuPeNEver curse and darkness. Your mission is to take possession of the Idol Lamp, kept inside the Ascension Temple.

Manzasun is a dark kingdom, where danger is always around. As introduced in the trailer, players will have the chance to go through muddy marshes, peaceful countryside, mighty strongholds, scary, stinky pirates and almost everything you can imagine. This game is literally a Deadpool fiesta where you see our main character breaking the fourth wall and the appearance of many other famous characters from all over the place such as zombies, Liberty statue, dinosaur or even Spider-Man. Honestly, maybe the only thing that this game could be missing is alien. Oh wait, they do have a UFO too.

Madievals Pc Early Access Trailer 1 38 Screenshot
You can find everything here, even Spider-Man or UFOs

Madievals Pc Early Access Trailer 1 10 Screenshot
Always expect the unexpected

MADievals uses the point and click system to interact and solve puzzles. Throughout the game, you will encounter many interesting puzzles that might throw you off the chair. Furthermore, you will get to encounter some "accidental coincidences" that is totally not caused by Rusty proud temper. But don't worry, nothing is impossible to achieve with self-deprecating sarcasm. Just put your faith on Rusty and he won't let you down.

Madievals Pc Early Access Trailer 0 49 Screenshot
Apart from all the absurd things, the game actually looks pretty nice

The game is filled with a mysterious story that full of absurd and zany scenarios. There will be a lot of funny dialogues with some weird characters and bizarre puzzle that make sense in their own way. If you are looking for a funny adventure game with many surprises, then you shouldn't miss this. This game is currently on Steam's Early Access with only $8.99.