I really don't like the exclusivity policy from Epic. However, I must say that it's very generous of them to give away a good free title every week.

And in case you might feel a little bored grinding in Torchlight's dungeons, Epic is giving out Limbo to change the atmosphere 'a little bit'.

Let's watch this trailer below before getting in the overview of the game:

Limbo is a multiple-awards-winner back when its released

Limbo is an eerie platforming title from the indie developer - Playdead. It has won the hearts of many fans and critics at the time it released in 2010. As a result, Limbo has won multiple awards and make it to the lists of top games in 2010 by several outlets.

Limbo Free Epic Games Store 5
Limbo has claimed several rewards at launch

That success didn't come for no reasons. Limbo provides the unique creepiness that we cannot find in other horror games. With the monotone vibes, dreary background music, and dim lighting, the game creates a perfect horror environment. It even gives you the lonely and creepy feeling that's very close to real-life experience! Those are the things that really makes this game stand out!

Limbo Free Epic Games Store 3
Everything in Limbo is perfect for a horror title

Limbo follows the story of a nameless boy. He wakes up in a dark eerie forest, finding that his sister is nowhere to be found. As a result, he'll have to throw himself in this dangerous forest to find his sister. It's nothing much to say about the story because your entire experience will be speechless. However, in this hostile world, he'll have to live on the tender line between life and death.

Limbo Free Epic Games Store 4
Uncertain about his sister's fate, the unnamed boy gets stuck in the Limbo

Well, basically on the death side more! You can notice from the developer's name - Playdead. To be more specific, the game wants to follow the "trial and death" mechanics, where you'll have to die many times to find the real solution. The nameless boy doesn't have any weapon or attacking ability to defend himself, so death is always by his side in this gloomy forest!

Limbo Free Epic Games Store 6
Die again and again to find the possible escape route

Speaking about gameplay, Limbo features some puzzles for the boy to get through. Those puzzles are not too difficult, but it's quite complicated, to the point that you can't just brute force running and jumping through the whole scene.

When does this giveaway start?

Every Friday, Epic will replace their old free title with a brand new one. However, the US is in a different timezone, so there is still a little amount of time left for you to claim Torchlight for free!

Torchlight Is This Weeks Free Game On Epic Games S
Be quick to get this free copy of Torchlight

Limbo will head up in the free shelf on July 18 and will stay there until July 25. The instructions on how to get a free game is provided in our previous article. You can just follow exactly the same, and you're good to go!

But if you're to open another tab, here's the brief summary for you. Basically, you'll need an Epic account and download their launcher first. After that, open their launcher, log-in to your accounts, type 'Limbo' in the search bar, and you'll see the big juicy 'Free' button like this:

Limbo Free Epic Games Store 2
I'm a simple person. I see 'Free', I click!

Just smash that button, and confirm your orders, then Limbo will appear in your gallery. You can choose to download it whenever you want, the weekend is coming very soon, so why waiting?

And to remind you, the developer has never provided this game for free. Limbo's price is originally $9.99, but Epic will step up and pay this money for us! I prefer this sweet carrot much more than the exclusivity stick that Epic is posing!

Heavy Rain Comes Out For Pc Today Via Epic Games S
Epic has claimed a lot of great titles for themselves

And even more generous, Epic will give away TWO titles rather than one next week. Specifically, they will be Moonlighter and This War of Mine, and we will give you the notification when these two games hit the shelf!