At this time of the week, Epic is going to renew their weekly free title. And replacing the kitchen crawler Overcooked of the last week is the dungeon crawler Torchlight!

Watch this trailer of the game below to see what Torchlight looks like:

Torchlight is a 10-year-old dungeon brawler from an ill-fated studio

Torchlight is the product of Runic Games, and it first came to the public in 2009. At that time, the game has received a lot of high rewards from its Diablo-like gameplay that have some unique features of its own.

Torchlight Is This Weeks Free Game On Epic Games S
You are among the ones heading to the town to find the Ember ores

The game tells the story in a fictional fantasy town surrounded by plenty of dungeons. The people here have found a mysterious ore called "Ember". It has the magical ability, allow it to enhance or imbue everything it touches, including human's being.

With that huge potentials, Ember has brought about a trend of dig and exploit it. As a result, people and monsters everywhere have gathered in the town to find the Emblem ores. Your character is one of them.

About its gameplay

At the start, Torchlight gives you three classes to choose from. It includes the Destroyer - the melee class that knows how to cast spells; the Vanquisher - the ranged classes that's capable of setting traps and perform stealth attacks; and the Alchemist - the mere caster.

The classes in the game are not the best example of their types as they can perform some unique skills from the other classes. However, that might be the attracting parts of the game, since you are not limited in the stereotype.

Torchlight Is This Weeks Free Game On Epic Games S
There are three classes in Torchlight for you to choose

Everything else in the game is quite similar to other dungeons crawler, where you'll level up, loot items after defeating monsters, upgrade your skills, and enchant your weapons. And if you feel bored after experience the same class for a long time, you can retire and try new characters. Pets also appear in Torchlight, and aside from fighting with you, it also can carry your items as well.

Torchlight Is This Weeks Free Game On Epic Games S
If you feel bored with your current character, feel free to retire and create a new one

Runic Games was bought by Perfect World Entertainment and then went down with the new developer in 2017. However, the creators of Torchlight is still working on another free MMO game called Torchlight Frontiers. 

Torchlight Is This Weeks Free Game On Epic Games S
Playing Torchlight in online mode? Cool!

But that's for another story, let's find out how to get this game on Epic Games Store for free!

How to get the game

It's a long time since I've shown you how to get weekly free games on Epic Games Store. And I find it's a suitable time to re-demonstrate all the steps for you with this title.

- Step 1: Log in to your Epic accounts on Epic Launcher. If you haven't owned any accounts, you can register one for free.

- Step 2: Find the pages of the game. You can search 'Torchlight' in the search bar, and you will see its price is now free.

Torchlight Is This Weeks Free Game On Epic Games S
Torchlight is free on Epic Games Store

- Step 3: Hit that juicy 'Free' button

- Step 4: Confirm your purchase by clicking on 'Place Order' in the check out page.

That's all. You can do the same with all the free games on Epic Games Store in the future!

The giveaway will last until July 18, so you still have plenty of time to get it. But be sure the add it to your library first and go back to download at any times!

Next week's free game is going to Limbo, and I'll give you the notifications on Gurugamer when it starts. Stay tuned!