After a year of making ventures on PC, the fan-funded RPG title Underworld Ascendant has come to PS4. The publisher 505 Games and the indie developer OtherSide Entertainment has made an announcement on the consoles release windows of the game recently.

The announcement came with a release trailer. It provides a little glimpse to the gameplay, and you can see it below.


What is the game about?

In Underworld Ascendant, you'll take the role of The Ascendant - the one summoned by the mysterious force called Cabirus. You're now in the land of Stygian Abyss, wandering to fulfill the quest to defeat the mighty beast ruling the land - Typhon.

Underworld Ascendant Jumps To Playstation 4 4
Fight in the dungeon as The Ascendant to save the land!

In order to do that, you need to throw yourself into the dungeon, fighting to gain the trust from factions to reunite the land. The journey also gives you chances to unveil the secret myth of the land, provides you with knowledge and powers to defeat Typhon.

The game previously came to PC in 2018, by the hand of OtherSide Entertainment. This developer was also the one behind some famous titles such as Ultima Underworld®System Shock and Thief series.

The gameplay

The game features the first-person perspective, where you'll fight in the dungeon with your own hands. There're over 75 skills that are divided into three distinctive archetypes: Combat, Stealth, and Magic. However, players can freely choose their own combination, not limited to choosing skills from the same set only. That's the thing that separates the game from other dungeon crawlers.

Underworld Ascendant Jumps To Playstation 4 2
In Underworld Ascendant, you're the hero you want to be!

However, the skillsets are not the only things that help you with your journey. The game also allows you to craft over 100 unique spells, using the runic spell crafting system. This gives you unlimited potential to solve the quests with your own methods!

Underworld Ascendant Jumps To Playstation 4 1
Craft over 100 unique spells to complete the quests

Speaking of quests, the game gives you over 70 main quests with various side quests. It also gives you a lot of attractive rewards on completion, so you'll definitely have to grind for a little while. Apart from that, it also evaluates the replay values of the game as well.

Underworld Ascendant heads to console with additional features

With this version for PS4 (and Xbox in the future), the developer has brought many changes in all elements.

The first change to mention is the Savegame system. The new system allows you to save the game mostly everywhere while keeping Silver Sapling’s respawn feature.

Underworld Ascendant Jumps To Playstation 4 3
You don't have to worry about making progress again with the new Savegame system

The gameplay also receives some additional features as well. Skills and spells are upgraded, while advanced combat skills were available.

The game's experience will also be enhanced with new NPCs that sell more valuable magic artifacts, additional rune formulas and so on.

Underworld Ascendant Jumps To Playstation 4 5
New NPCs also make their debut on PS4

So if you've finished the game on your PC, and still thirsty for other Underworld Ascendant experience, the console version is there for you!

PlayStation 4 owners can buy the game from the PlayStation Store right this moment!