In E3 Gaming Show, Coffee Stain Publishing (the developer of Satisfactory and Deep Rock Galactic) has joined hand with Vaulted Sky Games to introduce its upcoming title - Midnight Ghost Hunt. The game is a unique title in the hide-and-seek genre, which support multiplayer in a ghost hunt.

The game revealed some of its gameplay with a stunning trailer, which you can watch down here:

Either The Hunter or The Hunted, Only One Can Win

The trailer starts with a serene but haunting song "Where Are You?" from Ghostwood Empire. With the footage of the Ghost Hunter checking the abandoned house, the lyrics slightly suggests that a wild hunt is going to begin!

Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Testing Available Now
The parameter tracked the signal of Ghosts

In Midnight Ghost Hunt, a crew of Ghost Hunters is on their duty investigating a vast haunted mansion. However, there're Ghosts lurking in the house, hiding themselves from the hunters. They'll disturb the hunters while waiting to midnight to turn the table. The hunters will turn into the hunted, and no one knows when the death comes!

The developer has described Midnight Ghost Hunt as “hide-and-seek multiplayer”. The game will bring you into a 4v4 match between the Ghosts and the Ghost Hunters. You can choose to play from either side and pursuing your own win conditions.

For the Ghosts Hunters, you'll have a limited time to find all the Ghosts and eliminate them. They'll be equipped with a proton-like pack, which allows the hunters to vaporize the ghost hiding everywhere.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Testing Available Now
Shoot everything you expected the Ghosts are hiding in

At this phase, the Ghosts is quite limited in actions, where they can only hide in the house, hoping that the Hunters won't find them. Or else, they can choose the more aggressive approach, where they attack the Hunters with the furniture such as chairs, lambs or ancient metal armors.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Testing Available Now
Throwing furniture to the Hunters

It sounds pretty easy, but if the hunters can't complete their mission before midnight, then things will turn 180 degrees. The Ghosts will turn into the powerful spirits and start to chase the Hunters. At this time, the only thing the Hunters can do is to run away from the Ghosts and find a way to escape the house.

Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Testing Available Now
The chase will turn in just a moment

Midnight Ghost Hunt was nominated for an E3 2019 award

To be more specific, Midnight Ghost Hunt is up for the lists of “Unreal Underdog”. This award will be given to the title and the team behind that "pushing the limits to achieve an amazing showing for their game or experience at E3".

Along with Midnight Ghost Hunt are 5 more games. They include Moons of Madness (Rock Pocket Games, Funcom), Way to the Woods (Anthony Tan), Lost Ember (Mooneye Studios), Lemnis Gate (Ratloop Games Canada) and Creature in the Well (Flight School Studio).

Creature In The Well 1
Creature In The Well is a Pinball-inspired dungeon crawler

The winner for the title will be announced today, and we will update for you as soon as it releases.

Check the PC requirements to join the Alpha Test

The game doesn't have an official release date yet. However, the publisher is providing a chance to try the game at Alpha Testing state for free now.

To get the key to try the game, you can register at the game's official site, and waiting for luck to do the rest!

Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Testing Available Now
You can try your luck in the "Alpha Sign-up" category

As you can see, apart from the GTX 1050, other requirements are quite easy to meet. So don't hesitate to try it when the game comes out!