If you're into classic pixel arcade action games, you must be familiar with Nitrome - the masters on that field. Good news for you, the developer's just come up with another title named Sprint RPG. The game is a mix of classic first-person RPGs and rapid-fire gameplay in form of a retro dungeon crawler title, offering an easy approach to veterans and newcomers alike.

Sprint Rpg
Another title from Nitrome is released.

Within the Bone Dungeon - an ancient cavern that lays on a legendary land - there are rumors that magnificent treasures await. But, are you brave enough to embark on this adventure? Sprint RPG will put you into a series of challenges where you must get the most out of your reflexes and memory. The principal goal is beating the clock and finish the dungeon as fast as possible.

Sprint Rpg1
Time is money in Sprint RPG!

Of course, so many dangers will be waiting for you throughout your adventure. In order to stay alive, you must have the best preparation. Take your shield and sword, and... fly swatter? You will very soon find out that in this ghastly world of Sprint RPG, anything could be a weapon, even teddy bears or fish!

Sprint Rpg2
You can use anything as your weapon!

Good thing is, the dungeon layout as well as the position of enemies will be the same between runs. That allows you to get through the dungeon with your best record just by trying a few times and taking advantage of your own reflexes and memory. With this kind of gameplay design, it's possible for you to become a serious monster killer, all you need to do is being patient enough to master your skills and senses.

Sprint Rpg3
Know your enemies, and you will succeed!

Sprint RPG offers many materials that an RPG should have: magnificent relics to seek, loads of baddies to crush, lots of shiny equipment to collect. What are you waiting for? Grab your own free copy of Sprint RPG on the App Store right now!