Taiwan-based developer Cube Magic has announced that its new mobile RPG Yokai: Spirits Hunt is now available for pre-registration across the globe. This fantasy-themed game has a beautiful art style inspired by traditional ink paintings, and it uses various figures of Chinese mythology to create a collectible card game with some elements of RPG infused. Featuring a compelling story and several immortal spirits (or Yokai as they are known here), Yokai: Spirits Hunt takes players into a mysterious world of immortals where they will follow the footsteps of the protagonist on the search for the Legendary Scroll of Taoism.

Yokai: Spirits Hunt Trailer

A polished battle system where you summon Yokai to fight

Yokai: Spirits Hunt is not simply about collecting as many cool-looking Yokai cards as you can. You’ll also be able to summon them to partake in turn-based strategic battles. Collect powerful and unique Yokai to create the perfect combination of different races, skills, and attributes that you like best, and you’ll get to challenge other players in PVP combat as well!

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Engage in tactical turn-based PvP battles

A captivating story to follow                                                                                                  

This mythical land is in peril as evil spirits now roam the mortal realm. The fate of the world now rests on the shoulders of the wielder of the Legendary Scroll, a young Taoist Master named Jiang Zhuo Yue. Following the narrative from the perspective of Jiang, you will gradually uncover the truth behind this demonic invasion.

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Save the world with the Legendary Scroll

A fantastic adventure portrayed in a traditional ink painting art style

Yokai Spirit Hunt Gameplay 2
A nice art style inspired by traditional ink painting

As the one destined to save the world, Jiang sets out on an adventure through this strange world, armed with nothing but a lantern, a myrtle sword, and of course, the Legendary Scroll. Everything appears so ridiculous to him, and this vast world houses plenty of secrets just waiting to be uncovered, including hidden gifts, challenging boss fights, and unique Yokai to collect.

No official release date has been specified Yokai: Spirits Hunt at the moment, but with pre-registration ongoing, we can expect it to arrive in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates!