Monolisk is an upcoming game from developer Trickster Arts with a pretty interesting concept. It is described as “an Action RPG fused with both a CCG and Mario Maker," with a simple yet captivating visual style. So yeah, it’s certainly catchy. Check out the trailer for the game below:

But from the trailer, you can see that Monolisk offers so much more. It features 5 playable heroes for you to choose from, each of which comes with tons of options for customization. On top of that, you will be able to create your own dungeons (or Shards, as they are called in the game) by collecting cards that represent monsters, environmental features, and items. Naturally, you can then share your Shards online for other players to play through, or vice versa, try to complete challenges set by others.

Monolisk Screenshot 04
A simple yet captivating visual style

This aspect of the game also involves a cool social twist as well. According to the developer, the point is not trying to build the most difficult Shards, but rather the most innovative ones. Thus, every time a player completes a Shard, they will be able to rate it. And if your Shards receive high ratings from other players, you will earn several rewards. So, the more effort and creativity you put into your Shards, the more they will pay off eventually. Moreover, if you especially enjoy the products of a particular creator, you will be able to follow him/her to get updated about his/her works as soon as possible.

Monolisk Screenshot 05
Design your own dungeon

Currently, the game already includes 300 cards, 15 play styles, and 15 environment sets, and the potential to expand on them is massive. If you want to see for yourself what Monolisk has in store, a closed beta for the game is currently available for both Android and iOS. Head to its official website to register right now!