Mirador is a new dungeon crawler game that just launched a Kickstarter campaign last week. The interesting thing is, it offers a very unique idea when it comes to bosses: They will be designed by the players themselves. The game provides you with an in-game editor that allows you to customize both the appearance, the moveset, and the AI of the bosses.  Moreover, the bosses that you create will fight other players even when you're offline, obtaining loot for you in the process. Check out the game’s trailer below:

The gameplay is pretty standard for a dungeon crawler. You’ll control an adventurer and fight your way through a series of levels of increasing difficulty, earning more powerful equipment as you go. Upon reaching a checkpoint, you can choose to either end the run and return to base with all the loot you’ve collected or press forward. Naturally, the farther you go, the better the drops you’ll find, but it also comes at a risk: If you die, everything you’ve obtained will be lost.

Mirador Boss Fight
The gameplay is pretty standard for a dungeon crawler

The two main aspects of Mirador—boss creating and dungeon crawling—are connected through the loot system. The items you pick up will not only allow you to strengthen your character, but they can also be used to customize your boss as well. Moreover, during your runs you can collect new abilities to add to the boss editor menu, allowing you to create more powerful bosses. This, in turn, means your bosses will be able to collect more loot, and so the cycle goes on and on.

Mirador Loot
Items can be used to strengthen both your characters and your bosses

Mirador's combat system supports a wide variety of playstyles: You can build your characters however you wish, turning them into agile swordsmen or ranged fighters as you see fit. There are multiple types of environments as well, ranging from deserts to snowy mountains.

Multiple types of environment

Mirador is expected to launch a closed beta in August. If you are interested, stay tuned for more updates.