Back in January, we reported that the idle RPG Nonstop Knight 2 was hitting the Android platform sometime this year, and last month, the title finally opened for pre-registration on Google Play. This morning, the game has finally got an official launch. Similar to the original Nonstop Knight, this sequel is free-to-play, but it adds plenty of new content that results in an expanded gameplay. Check out the gameplay below:

From the trailer, you can get some ideas about what Nonstop Knight 2 has to offer. Basically, you can expect that many mechanics have been improved and expanded compared to the original game. This sequel sets itself apart from its predecessor with many new features such as extended equipment, melee and ranged weapons, new abilities, as well as co-op and competitive modes.

Nonstop Knight 2
Plenty of new content to play through

So far, however, the game has received mixed reviews from players, and it looks like this has something to do with how the in-game currency is balanced. Just like most free-to-play games on the market these days, you run into a “paywall” after a certain amount of time, which entices you to spend real money to overcome. Stuff like a stamina system, multiple currencies, and IAPs that can cost as much as $99.99 (Rs 7000) per item are present.

Apparently, the developer has decided to steer away from the fairer pay model of the first game to try to squeeze out more cash from players. It is not exactly a surprise, to be honest, especially for a series as popular as this. Still, it is no doubt a disappointment for those who loved the original.

Nonstop Knight 2 Action
Still a lot of fun to be had despite the annoying IAPs

That said, Nonstop Knight 2 is not a bad game by any means. The gameplay is still addictive, the 3D graphics are adorable, and there’s plenty to love here. It’s just that the entire experience is held back by the annoying IAPs.