Dungeon Rush: Rebirth is a new idle RPG for mobile developed by Chinese studio DHGames. With more than 100 million global downloads across its 15 mobile releases, the team has now decided to dive into the blooming idle games genre. While games of this kind are generally bright and colorful, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth has a different approach, employing a dark fantasy theme instead. The game is scheduled to launch globally on both Google Play and the App Store in the near future. We’ve recently tried out the pre-launch version, and here are our thoughts on it so far:

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Trailer

The Good

We have already been an hour into the game, and so far things seem to run pretty smoothly. There has not been any pay wall from what we can tell. This is no doubt a major plus compared to many other titles in the genre.

Any idle game should be as approachable as possible, and the developer really nailed it in this aspect. There is an incredibly detailed tutorial right at the beginning, so even someone who has not had a lot of experience with video games in general should be able to understand how Dungeon Rush: Rebirth works.

Dungeon Ruhs
The game features a dark theme

Again, being an idle game, Dungeon Rush is not too hardware-demanding. Any phone in the market these days should be able to run it without any problem, even the older ones.

The game supports over 10 languages, so it seems pretty well-prepared for an international release.

There are roughly 200 playable characters for you to collect, which is absolutely insane. They are classified into 6 tiers (from D to SS) depending on their rarity.

Dungeon Rush Rebirth Characters Gallery
A huge collection of characters

Now this is something that probably slips past the attention of many people: The idling process actually keeps going on in the background even when you are offline, generating loot for you to pick up when you return.

The traditional progression system often seen in RPGs, such as runes and evolutions, is present

The Controversial

Unlike many stage-based games on mobile these days, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth doesn’t have a recommended power level in the stage menu to help players decide. Basically, you must actually jump into a stage to see if you are strong enough to beat it. This could potentially lead to a lot of frustration from players.

Kbp Dungeonrush Pic1 1024x574
There is no recommended level in the menu

There is a “Privilege” model through which you can pay real money to subscribe in order to earn some bonuses – in other words, Pay-to-Win. Honestly, though, it’s not too bad considering that pretty much all free mobile games have a similar feature.

Several visual elements could use some more polishing. Right now, the skill effects are pretty bland. Moreover, a lot of the artwork is apparently not featured in HD either. It would be great if the developer could add higher graphical configurations for players who own stronger phones

Dungeon Rush Rebirth Game Battle
Combat effects could use some more polishing

The equipment comparison feature is pretty clunky in its current state. Basically, it only compares the current stats of your items instead of the base stats. So, if you have a +2 weapon equipped and later find a +0 weapon, the game would not recommend the +0 weapon even if it will be stronger when you upgrade it to +2. This will have a direct impact on the gameplay, so hopefully the developer will address it when the game launches


The idle RPG genre has always been branded as a bunch of cheap cashgrab titles (for good reasons too), and Dungeon Rush: Rebirth isn’t exactly trying to escape that bias. As a result, it is definitely not a game for everyone, especially hardcore players. But still, if you are just looking for something to kill time while waiting for the bus or between classes, there’s no harm in giving it a try.