Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits, a new title from Japanese company DeNA, has now officially launched for mobile following a successful closed beta. This is an interesting action-RPG in which players get to build a team of 5 from a wide collection of playable characters available. The story of the game is based on the 1986 manga Saint Seiya, and this mobile adaptation has been officially licensed by the author himself. As a result, authenticity is the name of the game here.

Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits Official Trailer

For those who don’t know, the original manga tells the story of Seiya, an orphan who was forced to endure harsh training and was later caught in the middle of a power struggle between the Pope and other Saints. Galaxy Spirits portrays this setting in a splendid 2D-3D hybrid art style. All the familiar characters from the manga such as Hyuga, Shiryu, Shun, and Ikka are present in this game, so players will be able to play as their favorites.

Many familiar characters are featured

If you’re of the competitive sorts, Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits features some pretty intensive PvP options, including 3v3 fights for the Galaxian Wars. With this mode, you can choose 3 teams to duke it out against another player, giving you the chance to show off all the Saints you have collected. Battles also sport dynamic physics and impressive effects, all of which contribute to a lively combat experience.

Exciting combat

Moreover, there’s a guild system with which players can team up with one another to fight for the Sanctuary, hunt down powerful raid bosses, or compete against other guilds. Naturally, all of those activities offer some nice rewards.

The game is available on both Google Play and the App Store right now. For the record, its developer DeNA has had many notable games such as Super Mario Run or Final Fantasy Record Keeper under its belt and is reportedly working on a new Pokémon game as well.