NetEase is in the final phases of releasing an upcoming MMORPG title on mobiles: Dawn of Isles. Android users will be glad to know that the game is now available for pre-registration on Google Play. Its previous titles LifeAfter has been quite a hit for using the formula of combining MMO and survival game. However, today, we will take a closer look at Dawn of Isles, another awesome product on mobile from the studio.

Dawn of Isles
Dawn of Isles

Apparently, so many cool things will be in this game, and it looks so promising in the near future. In fact, the artwork of this beautiful MMORPG is amazing and it's already exciting to begin our exploration. In general, the gameplay of Dawn of Isles is quite similar to RuneScape, where you’ll collect and craft to get what you need.

Resource collecting

Dawn of Isles
Dive into the captivating landscapes and collect your vital resources.

It seems that the game includes your own farm, alongside all kinds of stuff you can collect from the wild. With Dawn of Isles, to collect resources, besides chopping down trees and crushing stones, gamers can also use a variety of different actions to automatically pick up the corresponding items as well.

Extensive crafting system

Dawn of Isles
With your resources, build and craft everything from scratch with your own hands.

With the Craft system, you can create a variety of tools and weapons from hoes to axes to scythes to exploit resources. You can also upgrade them to higher levels for greater durability. At the same time, the game also allows the player to "cook" various recipes, each with certain benefits from healing you to increasing your damage.

Solid combat

Dawn of Isles
Unleash crazy elemental combos to deal massive damage to your enemies.

Combat in Dawn of Isles is also very distinct. You’ll need to combine various elements/attributes together to unleash powerful combos.

If you’re into Dawn of Isles, feel free to pre-register for it right now before it arrives on Google Play.