From developer Gaea Mobile we have Echo of Phantoms, a new MMORPG with an exquisite art style and theme inspired by ancient East Asian mythology, particularly China.  The game is currently open for pre-registration and it will be available on both Android and iOS devices. Naturally, those who participate in this pre-registration phase will receive some exclusive rewards upon the game’s official launch.

The game is inspired by ancient Asian mythology

A pre-registration event is also up on the official Echo of Phantoms Facebook page and will last until May 12. For this, players simply need to take screenshots of their pre-registration and share on the site in order to get a chance of winning a Giveaway Basket for new players. The basket contains 100,000 Coins, 300 Jade, 1 Golden Nine-Tailed Fox, 1 Charm Fish Mount, and 1 Lv 3 Ascent Gem.

Echo of Phantoms features 6 unique classes that players can choose to play as. Needless to say, each class comes with its own skill set and is designed to perform different roles in a team. There are the standard healers, tankers, damage dealers, as well as a couple of somewhat more unconventional roles such as debuffers or disablers.

Echo Of Phantom
A turn-based combat system

In term of combat, the game uses a turn-based system in which players can look at the battlefield from a 360-degree perspective. There is also a PVP system where players can put their strengths to the test against one other.

Moreover, Echo of Phantoms allows players to collect pets, raise them, and later bring them into battles. These pets are also divided into 4 types: physical, magic, support, and defense. Pets have a crucial role in combat and thus players are encouraged to invest some time in recruiting and developing different types to find their favorites.

Echo Of Phantoms Pets
Plenty of pets to collect and raise

You can pre-register for Echo of Phantoms right now on Google Play, the App Store, and the game's official website. For more information about the release date, stay tuned!