Tales of Wind is the western localization and port of the already quite well-known title of Laplace M, a mobile version of the MMORPG game Laplace on PC. It is an auto game, means that the game plays itself. Still, in this game, there are some small new things here and there.

The game begins with a tutorial with all the cutscenes, story, and even human voice acting. Now, the voice acting is not very nice, but still, it is a nice touch to improve the overall quality of the game.

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There is plenty for everyone in this game - from those who like auto and those who prefer group and solo.

At those first moments of the game, it is just like all of those auto MMORPGs that you can play with just a few clicks on the screen. But then, when you unlock the menu of the Kingdom, everything changes. The quests become much less frequent, you will have to switch to team-based activities to gain more experience. These activities range from standard dungeon crawling to huge server-wide quests. There are also a large amount of PvP and PvE missions for you fulfill.

Tales of Wind has a lot of content

This is surely a good thing - but when we, the players, get into MMORPGs, we expect to be grouped with the others. So there is a downside of this game: the grouping system. Instead of just normal matchmaking, Tales of Wind just making everything more complicated when making you apply and setting up the groups by yourself.

While not participating in group play, you could spend time on farming. This is a really fun extra mini-game that feels just like a mini version of Stardew Valley. In this cute little minigame, you will bake goods, feed animals, plant crops and so much more. After growing your crops, you can then sell them to make cash. It offers a change of pace to help you refresh after all the monster-slaying.

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When we the players play MMORPGs, we play to be group with the others.

Autoplay is a huge part, but still, some modes can work without it

It is true that the Autoplay has a huge part in the gameplay of Tales of Wind. Still, you will have to complete some quest on your own, which adds a nice balance to the game. There's always something you could do, whether you just drop in to check on the game in those 5-10 minutes of break between classes or want to sit down to play in long sessions.

You will have to complete some quest on your own.

And that's where the biggest strength of the game lies: the huge pool of content. There is plenty for everyone - from those who like auto and those who prefer group and solo. That also means that pay-to-win is not much of an issue either, since generally it's pretty easy to find a group and participate in activities regardless of your level or gear.

All in all, Tales of Wind is a solid addition to the increasingly stale mobile MMORPG genre. It doesn't do anything massively out of the box or something that can save the entire genre, but the sheer amount of content this game offers makes it is a decent option. Check it out on Google Play.