Silkroad Online is the latest PC MMORPG to get a remake on mobile. Well, the term “remake” is used loosely here, as this version is just another mobile RPG that basically plays itself, just with a Silkroad skin.

For starters, the multitude of classes in the original PC version has now been watered down into just 3. Back then, the wide collection of weapon options typically determined whether a build was physical or magic. Now, the remake divides things into 3 options: a sword-and-shield tank, a damage dealer with a spear, and a hybrid archer.

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Silkroad Online Mobile just came out, but it fails to live up to the original

These limits are made even worse due to the fact that there is absolutely no option for customization whatsoever. One silver lining is that the classes are at least not gender-locked.

Everything is identical and unimpressive

Once you get it done with the character creation and move forward into the actual game, you will immediately notice that there is something seriously wrong here. Everywhere you look, hundreds of characters who look exactly the same are running in an identical route between quests. It’s like playing with a legion of bots!

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It feels like you're playing with a legion of bots

The gameplay is nothing like the original either. Silkroad Online made a name for itself on PC thanks to its hardcore grinding, with only a few quests or plot threads woven in. Alongside your friends, you would fight monsters endlessly and once you become strong enough, you can participate in PvP battles.

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This is just another of your typical mobile MMO

This new version also has endless grinding, but it’s just your typical mobile autoplay, which is a lot less fun and team-focused. You’ll just be another one in the stream of thousands of people repeating the same quests to improve your power.

There is a story, but it’s just as cliché and forgettable as ever, daily quests that are horribly repetitive, dungeons, PvP, and others are all clones of countless other mobile MMORPGs out there

The visuals and audio are faithful to the original, but the gameplay is not

Credit where credit is due, Silkroad mobile does a good job at recreating the look of its PC counterpart. The world, the monsters, the music, and other sound effects all stay true to what we know and love, and that does generate a feeling of nostalgia.

The issue is, this only serves to remind players of how this mobile port is just an empty shell of the classic MMORPG. It feels like Crusaders of Light or Lineage II: Revolution reskinned using Silkroad’s assets.

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The world does resemble the original, but that's where the similarity ends.

And that’s truly a shame. A quality Silkroad Online Mobile would have driven fans crazy. Surely, tons of veteran players would have loved to be able to relive the nostalgia on the go. Maybe a game like that will come in the future, but this one is definitely not it. To sum up, don’t even bother!