Tower defense games have been a thing for quite a while on the App Store. Among them, one particular game that stood out among the rest is Dungeon Warfare. The strategy, an adventurer-murdering game came out 2 years ago and packed with traps, more traps, and flair.

Dungeon Warfare 2
Dungeon Warfare 2 - a challenging tower defense strategy game by Valsar.

The latest sequel of the title is Dungeon Warfare 2, came out on Steam last year at the cost of $4.99 (Rs 345). Now, it’s available on mobiles, offering everything that made it extraordinary in the first place.

DW2 includes various challenging and unique levels, alongside multiple objectives, myriads of traps and incredible replayability. Being a tower defense game, DW2 masters the art of introducing strategies and different approaches towards different levels. Dungeon Warfare 2 doesn’t just feel like a tower defense game: it feels like a real dungeon.


Each level in DW2 is unique and requires careful calculations to beat. There are ones with environmental hazards like lava flows, chasms or rivers; while others are full of walls or even completely empty.

The design of Dungeon Warfare makes it so unique in the genre. You can switch between many terrains like jungles, mines, caves, volcanic wastelands or deserts; and they’re all well-designed.

Dungeon Warfare 2
The unique artwork of DW2 will amaze you.

Gameplay overview

Not just the art of DW2 is amazing: its gameplay and strategy are also exceptional. Dungeon Warfare 2 lets players use their creativity in each level, rather than stationary tower placements like Kingdom Rush. You can set up traps anywhere, either it’s a plain wall or on the floor. And by the way, did I mention the extremely diverse trap system of DW2, including darts, flame throwers, chakrams, swinging axes, spikes, gravity wells, meat grinders, spinning pillars, and slime pits?

Skill trees

We’ve been talking about the tile sets, the traps and the crazy levels in Dungeon Warfare 2. However, it is the skill trees and upgrades tiers that truly DW2’s unique selling points. As far as we know, it’s not possible to fully max every tower and skill out there. However, there’s the reset button that requires no currency/ experience penalty for you to push. Take advantage of it to get through a difficult level and you’ll be fine.

Dungeon Warfare 2
A skill tree system is widely popular in gaming, and it's here in Dungeon Warfare 2.

There’re multiple skill trees to go for and we’ll talk you through each of them. Generally, each tree has its own pros and cons and totally depends on different situations and playstyles.

The Brute tree will rush every wave, amassing hordes of traps as it reduces the building cost of similar traps and empowers them if put together. The Elite tree optimizes some traps, puts heavy emphasis on kill zones and makes the most out of limited numbers. Meanwhile, the Greed tree earns you a considerable amount of gold and XP, thus providing economic benefits in the long run.

Dungeon Warfare has its flaws

Fairly speaking, Dungeon Warfare 2 is great but it’s definitely not perfect. It relies too heavily on strategy and having such a cunning design that doesn’t seem too appealing in comparison to others. To be fair, DW2 does remind us of Dungeon Keeper but it’s lacking a story (like Kingdom Rush), wit and humor (like Field Runners) or simply weirdness (like Bloons TD).

To sum up

DW2 feels like a perfect pick strategy-wise and for hardcore fans of traditional tower defense. It is different, it is challenging, it looks great and it has huge replayability. For players without a particular interest in thorough planning and critical thinking, or simply those who don’t like the dungeon design, DW2 might not be the one for you.

Regardless, Dungeon Warfare 2 is a very enjoyable title to experience. To achieve a flawless victory with a new strategy brings upon a satisfactory sense of accomplishment that we hope everyone feels the same.