At Unreal Open Day 2019, Epic Games and Chinese developer Loong Entertainment finally revealed Dragon Raja, their highly-anticipated MMORPG for mobile. Originally announced at GDC this year under the name Project: SU, this is a game developed with Unreal Engine 4 and has received a lot of positive feedback from the Unreal Engine community.

Dragon Raja trailer

With Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja has been able to deliver the open-world gaming experience often seen in PC or console titles to mobile devices. The developers have recruited many world-class talents from several studios to ensure that the game will have the best quality in term of graphics, world design, immersion, and plenty more. Thanks to various combination of physic effects and inverse dynamics, you will be able to experience the in-game world in the most realistic way. As you walk on the snow, your character will leave behind footprints, and you can even see the jewelry swing with every movement.

Dragon Raja Official Image 2
An immersive world with stunning visuals and realistic effects

Besides its impressive graphics and visual effects, Dragon Raja also features interesting gameplay mechanics. You will be able to become basically whatever you want, from a music star to a Michelin-star chef to a professional racer. It’s entirely up to you. Throughout the game, you’ll come across many decisions, and they will affect how the NPCs will react and might even result in many changes with the missions. There is a comprehensive PvP system as well, which can support as many as 100 players.

Dragon Raja Official Image 1
You can choose to be whatever you want

When it comes to the story, Dragon Raja is inspired from a popular novel of the same name. One thing to note is that there are two different novels named Dragon Raja and they are not related in any way, one from a Chinese author and the other written by a Korean. The game is based on the Chinese one.

Dragon Raja Official Image 7
A world that combines realism with fantasy

It puts players in the middle of an endless conflict between 3 races: humans, dragons, and half-bloods. Combining the culture essence of both the West and the East, with some fantasy elements added into the mix, the game offers a hybrid world of both realism and magic for players to explore. Stay tuned for more update!