Perfect World (PW) Entertainment has finally revealed a big title for 2019, and it is Forsaken World Mobile, or《神魔大陆》手游 in Chinese. The original first appeared on the market in 2015. For the next three years, it enjoyed a quite successful run until it stopped operating in 2018. Let’s take a look at the trailer of the upcoming release here:


However, it’s time for fans of the series to set their hope up high again. In 2018’ E3, they revealed a remake of Forsaken World, marked a promising resurrection of an amazing title. In fact, it wasn’t just a remake, it’s an even better Forsaken World, all thanks to previous global market performance.

Forsaken World Mobile
Expect an even better of Forsaken World, coming soon to mobiles.

Remarkable features

This time, we will get to see amazing changes as the devs wanted to rebuild the magical Forsaken World on a grand scale. Just like the former game, Forsaken World’ theme and artwork will center around western mythology. The latest gaming technology will come to Forsaken World, so expect big!

In Forsaken World Mobile, instead of making a cartoon-ish theme, the devs will create a much more realistic look.

Our source of information reveals aspects like HDR rendering, fine texture, real-time weather and fluid animation to arrive. Also, expect to meet lots of NPCs. Furthermore, every character in the game, including Evil Spirits, Noble gods, plants and animals will have their unique characteristics.

Forsaken World Mobile
Every living creature in Forsaken World Mobile is distinct from one another.

As a matter of fact, China is running the first technical test for the game this May, on the 29th. And guess what, you can totally register for that by visiting the game's official website. Since Forsaken World Mobile is rather new, we need to wait for further information on the global release. We don’t know yet if it will release globally, ever, but considering how good it was, our hopes are high for this one.

Forsaken World Mobile
Let's keep our fingers crossed for the global release of Forsaken World Mobile.