TDM is one of the most popular game modes in Battleground Mobile India. It is a fun mode that helps players improve their close-quarter aiming skills and reaction. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 tips and tricks to win in 1v1 TDM fights in BGMI 2022.

1. Pick the right weapons

Players can choose a lot of weapons in BGMI. However, it is best to stick with high damage weapons instead of accuracy/balanced ones, since most fights in TDM are close range. In this kind of engagement, the damage is more important than accuracy, as you should be able to hit enemies anyway.

Always Take Cover
Always take cover when enemies rush.

When it comes to damage and all-round fights, ARs using 7.62 mm ammo like AKs are the best for 1v1 fights in TDM.

2. Switch between FPP and TPP when needed

While FPP allows players to aim better and get headshots easier, TPP has more advantages in 1v1 TDM. By switching to TPP, players would be able to get a better view over covers and can aim without exposing their heads.

Lean And Peek To Hide Your Body
Lean and peek to hide your body.

You need to hide most of your body so that the opponent can hardly target and aim at you. The TDM Warehouse map has a lot of places to cover, lean, and peek out to shoot.

TPP also allows players to react faster in frantic close range fights, as they don't have to turn the camera too much to look around.

3. Pre-aim to improve reaction

Pre-fire and pre-aim is an important techniques that aspiring pros need to train on using. Players can pre-fire or pre-aim at the spots enemies are going to appear - this allows them to deal a lot of damage and prevents enemies from retaliating.

Always Keep Crosshair At The Head Level
Always keep crosshair at the head level.

Players need to take note of their ammo while firing, as enemies might mount a counterattack if they run out mid-fight.

4. Always try to get headshots

Headshots deal the most damage and can change the course of the fight instantly. Therefore, getting headshots should always be your main goal in 1v1 TDM. Body shots alone can take a long time to down an enemy, which might allow them a chance to come back.

Move Unpredictably
Move unpredictably to dodge bullets and surprise enemies.

It is best to combo this with pre-aim in order to headshot enemies

5. Use movements to throw off opponents' aim

Besides aiming at enemies, it is important to prevent them from firing back. Therefore, practicing your bunny jumps might actually be a good idea in TDM mode. By moving around in a random manner, players would be able to throw off enemies' aim and win fights in TDM.

Move The Opposite Side Of The Enemy
Move the opposite side of the enemy when he starts to jump.

Besides bunny jumping, players can also use the sideways jiggle, sudden prone, or diagonal jump.

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