Sniper Rifles are one of the strongest weapon classes in shooters, and BGMI is not an exception to this rule. These powerful weapons excel in mid-range and long-range combats with their extremely high damage and effective range. On the right hand, a sniper rifle can take down enemies with only a few shots. There are 2 variants of sniper rifles: bolt action (SR) and semi-auto (DMR).

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best sniper weapons in BGMI 2022.

5. M24

The M24 is a very powerful sniper rifle. It actually has better stats than the Kar98 with more damage, bullet speed, and a bigger magazine. However, it is really hard to find an M24 because they are much rarer.

Fun fact, the M24 was once airdrop-exclusive but has now been a common sniper rifle to be found on the map.


4. QBU

The QBU (QBU-88) is a DMR exclusive to Sanhok, replacing the Mini 14. It is a Chinese bullpup designed to fit the theme/location of the Southeast Asia map. This weapon is considered the most stable DMR in BGMI due to its default Bipod that automatically deploys upon going prone. It has one of the best recoil reductions in the game.


It is a shame that the QBU does not spawn on any other map but Sanhok. Its weakness is still ammo count, with the original magazine having only 10 bullets. You need to get an extended magazine to boost it to 20.

3. Kar98k

The Kar98 is the most popular sniper rifle in Battlegrounds Mobile India and can be found commonly on any map. It can one-shot a player with a Level 2 Helmet. This gun is the favorite weapon of many players in Battlegrounds Mobile India to show off their sniping skills.


It also uses the 7.62 bullets as the M24 but with less damage (75 per shot) at a faster fire rate. The range is just decent, yet it offers less recoil.

2. AWM

AWM is the rarest SR in this weapon category which is only spawned in the airdrop. While both Kar98k and M24 use 7.62mm ammo, this SR uses a unique ammo type of .300 rounds with super high hit damage of 132. The ammo of AWM is also spawned in the airdrop only. You can loot only 10 AWM bullets in an airdrop. Like M24, AWM also supports an extended mag to expand the ammo capacity from 5 to 7.

Awm Has Larger Ammo Capacity

1. Mk14 EBR

The MK14 (Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle) is more or less an improved version of the SKS that can only be acquired from airdrops. It deals more damage in the exchange for even more recoil. This can be easily fixed with a bipod and going prone - you can fire upon targets with relative safety.


Furthermore, the Mk14 EBR can be switched to automatic fire mode, which is something no other DMRs have. With this mode active, the Mk14 EBR can out damage pretty much everything at the cost of even more recoil. You need a very steady aim to make this work.

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