With Free Fire's recent ban in the Indian market, it might be BGMI's chance to rise to the top once again. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 reasons why players should move to BGMI when Free Fire is banned.

1. Fast Matchmaking

BGMI is just as popular as Free Fire in the Indian market, which makes matchmaking much faster. In comparison with other BR games on mobile, such as Call of Duty, matchmaking in BGMI is definitely less frustrating. Players can find matches within seconds.

Bgmi Best Game Award Featured
BGMI is super popular

Performance wise, Free Fire wins this category, with its relatively small size of under 1GB and the compatibility for low-end phones. You can pretty much play the game on a 1GB RAM device, which would not be able to run BGMI.

On the other hand, the download size for PUBG Mobile is 2 GB on Android phones and 2.4 GB on iOS. Furthermore, you need about 2GB of RAM to play PUBG Mobile.

2. Not Pay to Win

The most frustrating aspect of Free Fire for normal shooter players is probably the character system, weapon skins and pets. People with rare skins and high level characters + pets will get an advantage over people who don't have them.

Overall, if you want to play a skill based shooter, BGMI is the best option to replace Free Fire. In BGMI, players with skins deal the same amount of damage as players without skins.

3. BGMI has better maps than Free Fire

While Free Fire has only a couple of maps that look similar to each other (Bermuda, Purgatory, Alpine), BGMI's map are unique. Players can choose amongst Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar, Livik, and Karakin, each with different sizes and themes.

The size of the map also influences gameplay, with the smaller maps much more engaging than bigger ones.

BGMI has a lot of creative maps.

Graphics wise, this is where BGMI stands out – it uses Unreal Engine, one of the best and most popular engines on PC due to its realistic graphics and details. You would need android 5.1.1 or above plus a stable internet connection to play the game. While 2 GB RAM is the minimum, most of the time you would need more.

PUBG VS Free Fire Vote
PUBG Mobile VS Free Fire Vote

Free Fire can run on lower-end devices super smooth without any lag even in longer play sessions. However, some gamers get turned off by the rather unappealing graphics – that’s why Free Fire released its Max version. It would be fully compatible with the base Free Fire game.

4. Battle Royale being the primary game mode

If players are looking for something with the same gameplay as Free Fire, BGMI is probably what they need. Both titles have BR as their main game mode, which allows players to play it whenever they want, unlike Call of Duty Mobile where BR is just a side mode.


5. Royale Pass

Similar to Free Fire, BGMI also have a pass system named Royale Pass. It allows players to pay a small fee to unlock a lot of cosmetics every month.

BGMI royale pass
BGMI royale pass

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