With BGMI coming back to India this year, the race to be the most popular Battle Royale is resumed. Both games are leading the charts in India - while they might seem to be the same at first glance, there are various differences that make them stand out to different audiences. In this article, we are going to showcase Free Fire Vs BGMI to see which one is the best Battle Royale game to play in 2022.

1. Maps and Graphics

Maps are the most important part of a battle royale game. The better the map, the more exciting the experience. Battleground Mobile India and Free Fire have about the same number of maps, 6 vs 5. However, there is one main difference: While the maps in Free Fire are very similar to each other (outside of Kalahari), BGMI maps are very different from each other.

Free Fire VS BGMI Maps comparison

Amongst BGMI's 6 maps, Erangel and Miramar are enormous 8x8 size, while Sanhok, Vikendi, Livik and Karakin are much smaller. This allows BGMI to cater to different BR experiences. You can play on smaller maps like Livik and Karakin designed for fast-paced matches. Furthermore, BGMI's maps are also very different in style. While Miramar is a vast desert, Vikendi is a mountainous region filled with snow.

On the other hand, Free Fire has 5 maps, and 4 of them (Bermuda, Bermuda Remastered, Alpine, and Purgatory) are very similar to each other. Only Kalahari stands out for being a desert map.

  • Overall, if you are looking for variance and quality in map design, BGMI is probably better than Free Fire. 

2. Gunplay

Free Fire's gunplay is somewhat easier. With the use of Aim assist, even casual players who don't play shooters on phone would be able to get into the game. BGMI, on the other hand, is more realistic and complex, with heavy recoil that requires users to drag their crosshairs.

Free Fire Vs Pubg Mobile
BGMI has better gunplay
  • It comes down to personal preferences. There are players who prefer Free Fire's gunplay over BGMI and vice versa.

3. Game modes

The biggest difference is the player count. BGMI has double the number of players of Free Fire on a single map, and because of that, a match in BGMI is much longer. It takes a fairly long time for players to learn a BGMI map.

Free Fire and BGMI both have great variants for side modes. For example, Free Fire has the Big Head and Rampage New Dawn modes while BGMI has Missions Ignition and Mirror World modes. However, modes in BGMI are tied to events while Free Fire modes are available sometimes.

  • This category is also a tie where no game can get ahead.

4. Other aspects

The skill and pet system are the mechanics that only Free Fire has. It allows players to customize their character to a degree. The system is active in all modes, from serious BR matches to the team based clash squad.

Free Fire Characters
Free Fire's characters system makes the game much more distinct from the usual shooter.

Because of this, skill activation is also something Free Fire players need to calculate. BGMI is more focused on gunplay and does not have this feature. Furthermore, Free Fire positioning is also much less important, as players can just create their own cover using Gloo Wall. There is no such thing in BGMI.

5. Free Fire VS BGMI Verdict

If you want to play a pure shooter, without any bells and whistles, BGMI is better.  However, if you prefer a more complicated style of combat with skills and walls, Free Fire is probably your game.

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