Dataminers are starting to leak out information about the upcoming OB32 update in Free Fire. One of the leaked information in the update is the new Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame skin. Evolution weapon skins are the strongest type of weapon skins in Free Fire. They often have a stunning effect along with amazing stats and an extra special ability.

In this article, we are going to take a look into this upcoming Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame skin.

Evo M4a1 Dragon Flame Leve 7
Free Fire upcoming Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame skin.

Free Fire Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame Skin

The stats of the Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame skin is currently not revealed yet. But this is nothing to be worried about since all Evolution skins in Free Fire have the best stats out of all weapon skins of their type.

We know that its special ability allows it to deal extra damage to Gloo Wall. Free Fire has been releasing a lot of characters that allow players to interact more with Gloo Wall such as Nairi, Xayne, Yeti pet,... so we can expect that this skin will be quite useful in the next update.

As usual, the Evolution M4A1 Dragon Flame skin will have a total of 7 levels. Each level of the skin will upgrade its visual and power including bullet effect, kill effect, emote, hit effect,...

Evo M4a1 Dragon Flame Leve 7
Free Fire Evolution skin M4A1 Dragon Flame Leve 7

Players should at least upgrade the weapon to at least level 6 to fully upgrade the stats of the weapon and unlock its ability. Otherwise, the skin will be extremely weak at Level 1.

We can expect that this skin will be available in a Faded Wheel that lasts for 30 days like the previous Evolution skin.

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