Weapon skins are an important part of the gameplay in Free Fire. Each weapon skin in Free Fire has buffs that affect the stats of the weapon. Owning a strong weapon skin in Free Fire will help you a lot in winning combats in Free Fire.

In the latest event in Free Fire, they introduce 4 new Legendary M1887 Elemental skins with a super exotic design and power. Let's check out this event and learn how to get these skins in this article.

Elemental M1887 Gun Skins
Free Fire just released 4 new legendary M1887 skins in the latest event.

Free Fire Legendary M1887 Elemental skins

Event duration: January 6 to January 13

This is a lucky spin with 2 circles. The outer circle has 8 items and the inner circle has the 4 Legendary M1887 Elemental skins. If you spin on one of the two red boxes of the outer circle, you can spin again once in the inner circle to get one of the 4 Legendary M1887 Elemental skins. The prizes in the inner circle will be removed once you obtain them so there will be no duplicates.

Each spin in this event cost 20 Diamonds. You can also spin 5 times for 90 Diamonds and save 10 Diamonds.

Elemental M1887 Gun Skins 1
You need to spin the wheel on the red box to get one of the M1887 Elemental skins.

Most of these M1887 Elemental skins are some of the best M1887 skins in Free Fire, apart from the yellow one. It provides a big Accuracy buff to the weapon, which is quite unnecessary considering that most fights will be close-ranged fights.

The best skin among these M1887 Elemental skins is the red one as it provides both Rate of fire and Damage to the weapon, which are the 2 best stats in the game for a weapon.

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