Grenades in Free Fire are quite often overlooked by many players, only because many people don't actually know how to use them. They can assist players in all kinds of situations. There are different types of grenades and each of them serves a different function. Having them in your arsenal of weapons will help you greatly to get Booyah in Free Fire.

Check out some of the tips below to learn how to use grenades in Free Fire like a pro.

Get the timing right

While Gloo Wall will deploy instantly, a Frag Grenade will need a few seconds to explode. If you throw it too soon, the enemy will be able to stay away from it. If you throw it too late, you will blow up yourselves. It is best to throw the grenade when the timer is at between 1-2 seconds, depending on the distance of the throw.

Cook Grenade
Cook grenades before you throw them so they can damage your enemy instantly.

Throw on the right spot

While there is a guide that shows the trajectory of the throw, this guide works best when the target is close to you. If they are farther away, you will need to use a little bit of your imagination to land the grenade at the right spot. You can practice throwing Grenade in the training mode.

Cook Grenades Before Throwing
Practice throwing grenades will be paid off in ranked matches.

Know special throw angles

For most of the time, your enemies will stay behind covers, Gloo Walls,... so you need to adjust your throw angle so your Grenade lands at the right spot. Remember that Grenade can bounce off walls and other objects so make use of that. There are also a lot of tiny hidden spots in Free Fire that you can slip your grenade through.

Free Fire Grenade Tricks
There are many secrets for throwing grenades in Free Fire.

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