Free Fire has thrived to be one of the best mobile games on the market in the past few years. A big part of that is thanks to Free Fire content creators who have constantly put new and fun content to other players.

While most of the popular Free Fire YouTubers are males, there are still a few female Free Fire YouTubers who manage to reach the 1 million milestones. In this article, we are going to talk about a female YouTuber who owns a 4 million subscriber YouTube channel, Sooneeta Free Fire. Here is Sooneeta Free Fire ID, stats, profile, and more.

1. Sooneeta Free Fire Bio, Age, Photo

Sooneeta Free Fire's real name is Sooneeta Thata Magar. She is from Nepalganj, a city in Nepal. Sooneeta Free Fire age is 26 as of 2022. She was born on April 5, 1996. Her hobbies include dancing, gaming, singing traveling, and modeling.

The girl is mostly known for Free Fire YouTube channel which has 4.58 million subscribers worldwide. Sooneeta was raised in a middle-class family with a modern mindset. Her family fully supports her in doing what she wants. Before becoming a YouTuber, she participated in MISS TEEN +2 2017 and she even made it to the final. Unfortunately, she didn't win the crown.

Sooneeta Photo 1
Sooneeta used to be a miss teen finalist in 2017.

She started her YouTube channel in February 2017 and now she is one of the biggest Free Fire YouTubers in the world. Despite being a girl, Sooneeta actually has amazing Free Fire skills and gameplay. Sooneeta YouTube channel has a total of 363 million views so far. Her most viewed video is a video of Ajjubhai proposing to her as a prank.

Sooneeta is quite secretive about her personal life so we don't know if he has a boyfriend or is still single. Here is Sooneeta photo from her Instagram.

Sooneeta Photo
Sooneeta photo from Instagram

Miss Diya is also another popular Free Fire YouTuber you might want to check out.

2. Sooneeta Free Fire ID and stats

Sooneeta Free Fire ID is 131311296. Her in-game name is SNG-Sooneeta. Sooneeta Free Fire profile has a total of 52953 likes as expected from a popular Free Fire content creator. She is currently at Level 81, which is higher than 90% of Free Fire players.

In the previous Ranked Battle Royale season, she managed to reach Heroic. She is currently in Diamond rank in the current season. Sooneeta is a member of a guild name Team Lava.

Sooneetas Free Fire Id
Sooneeta Free Fire in-game profile.

Lifetime Battle Royale stats

Sooneeta joined a total of 23132 matches in the Squad mode and win 5337 of them. Her win rate in this mode is 23.07%. She took down a total of 56723 players, which translates to a K/D ratio of 3.19.

In Duo mode, the famous YouTuber played a total of 1923 games with 297 victories, making up a win rate of 15.44%. She knocked a total of 3507 players down, which gave her a K/D ratio of 2.16.

In Solo mode, she played a total of 926 games and won 67 matches, which translates to a win rate of 7.23%. With a total of 1481 kills, she racked up a K/D ratio of 1.72.

Sooneeta Battle Royale
Sooneeta lifetime Battle Royale stats in Free Fire.

Like most other Free Fire YouTubers, Sooneeta mostly plays Squad mode and she also finds the most success in this model with the most win rate and K/D ratio. The reason is that Squad mode is often less affected by bad luck and RNG while having more strategy elements.  She plays quite a fair number of Duo games and she played Solo mode the least.

Lifetime Clash Squad stats

Sooneeta played a total of 2772 games in Clash Squad in Free Fire. She has a quite respectable win rate of 58.55% and 1623 wins in this mode. She has a KDA of 1.57 and has 13030 kills overall. She deals an average of 2282 damage per match. Based on her graph, we can see that she is quite an aggressive player in Clash Squad,

Sooneeta Clash Squad
Sooneeta lifetime Clash Squad stats in Free Fire.

Note that these stats only represent the stats of Sooneeta at the moment of writing this article. These stats are subject to changes in the future as she plays more Free Fire.

3. Sooneeta Free Fire income

According to Social Blade, Sooneeta got a total of more than 4 million views over the last 30 days. This means her income from YouTube views is around $1.1K to $17.1K. Note that this estimation is not included with her other sources of income such as sponsor deals and donations, which can be a really large portion.

Sooneeta Income
Sooneeta Free Fire channel stats according to Social Blade.

4. Sooneeta social medias

Here are all the social media handles of Sooneeta if you want to follow her.

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