The feature that sets Free Fire apart from other battle royale titles is that it provides on-field companions in pet forms. They do not just look cute but even have unique skills that enhance gameplay. Players who possess pets, therefore, will always have an edge over those who don’t in the game.

Meanwhile, the devs have released quite a number of pets within 2021. Most of them were up for grabs in the top up events, but you have to buy diamonds in order to get your hands on these items.

As the year is wrapping up, Free Fire recently brought forth a new pet called Yeti and you can get it for free.

Free Fire Yeti
Check out how you can get the newest pet in Free Fire without having to pay a penny.

How to get Yeti pet in Free Fire for free

For the unversed, Yeti Free Fire is free as part of the game’s login event.

As you already know, gamers have collected a permanent backpack skin as their login reward for the New Age campaign on December 25, 2021. Now, the Yeti pet will soon be available during the login event starting from January 1, 2022.

Remember these simple steps and you will be able to claim him.

1. Launch the special New Age event interface as you click on the icon.

New Age Event
Open the app and access the New Age event.

2. Choose the Login Rewards option, then a new dialog box will prompt.

3. Click the Claim button to get the pet without a cost.

Yeti Pet Reward
Make sure to log in between January 1 and January 2 to claim this reward.

There you go, the process of how to get Yeti pet in Free Fire for free is that effortless. Remember that you will be able to collect it from the special interface from January 1, 2022 (12:00 am) to January 2, 2022 (03:59 am).

Taking advantage of these events to get a pet for free is definitely a smart move as most of these items cost about 699 diamonds in the game shop.

Yeti pet stats and ability

How does Yeti work in Free Fire? Yeti has an ability called Frost Fortress.

At the default level, the skill will reduce the inflicted damage by explosives by 15 percent. However, it can only work every 150 seconds.

Here’s the stat of the pet in each level:

Level 1

  • Reduction in damage – 15%
  • Cooldown – 150 seconds

Level 2

  • Reduction in damage – 20%
  • Cooldown – 120 seconds

Level 3

  • Reduction in damage – 30%
  • Cooldown – 90 seconds

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