The Mystery Shop is a special shop in Free Fire. This shop appears randomly and they always come with a great discount for all of its items of up to 90%. This is one of the best chances for Free Fire players to spend their Diamonds to get items and exclusive bundles.

A new Mystery Shop has just arrived Free Fire amidst the New Age events. Let's check out what you will be able to get in this Free Fire new Mystery Shop in this article.

Free Fire New Mysterious Shop
Free Fire New Mysterious Shop

Free Fire new Mystery Shop

Event duration: December 25 to December 31

Before entering the Mystery Shop, you need to spin to determine the amount of discount you will get. The discount can go up to 90%. There 2 stores in the Mystery Shop, the first store features the Flake Blake bundle, and the second store features the Frosty Shawty bundle. You need to spend 10 Diamonds to switch stores to get the Frosty Shawty bundle.

In order the purchase one of these bundles, you need to use at least 75 Diamonds in the store first. The prices of all items in the store are discounted. There are exclusive winter skins such as the Winterlands Light skin, the YetiBuddy backpack, the Winterlands Sledge skin, Diamond Royale Voucher,...

Free Fire New Mysterious Shop 1
Flake Blake store

Here is the prize pool in the first store:

  • Flake Blake bundle
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Incubator Voucher
  • Wukong character
  • Monkey King Bundle
  • Beaston
  • Petskin: Glacier Beaston
  • Winterlands Light skin
  • Yeti Buddy
  • Winterlands Sledge
  • Winterlands Grenade
  • Pan Snowstorm
  • Pet Food
Free Fire New Mysterious Shop 2
Frosty Shawty store

Here is the prize pool in the second store:

  • Frosty Shawty bundle
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Predator Cobra Token Box I
  • Skyler character
  • Skyler's Superstar bundle
  • Falco pet
  • Pet skin: Hellfire Falco
  • The Victor emote
  • Reindeer Backpack
  • Winterlands Fury Sledge skin
  • Santa's Choice Grenade
  • Pan Winterlands 2020
  • Palace of Poker Badge

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