Getting stuck outside of the safe zone in Free Fire is a situation that no player wants to be in. If you are too far away, you might die outside of the safe zone. Even if you can make it in, you are in great danger because your HP is low and other players already got a good spot.

Here are a few useful tips you can do to avoid being outside of the safe zone.

Check the first safe zone and move early

I understand that you land far away to have a lot of time looting at the start of the game but you also need to move in early if you do this. It is a must to check the first safe zone when it appears and plans to move early. You can also move across the map and loot at the same time.

 Playing Zone
Check out the position of the first safe zone and move early.

Find a vehicle

If you can a vehicle or a surfboard, you will be able to move across the map super quickly. Running across the map to the safe zone is acceptable, but you are putting yourself at great risk.

Free Fire Vehicle
Vehicles will allow you to travel faster and safer in Free Fire.

Avoid unnecessary fights

This is one of the most common mistakes that Free Fire players make. They are stuck in a fight for too long and won't leave until they defeat the other team. However, this often ends up with both teams dying to the zone damage and other teams.

The heat of a battle can make players forget about the time and other elements in the game. Remember that your ultimate goal in the game is to be the last survival.

Kord Free Fire
Don't get stuck in a fight for too long.

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