Free Fire is known for having a lot of new events frequently for players to grab new skins and rewards. The Oni Spin event is the latest event in Free Fire, featuring the Midnight Oni bundle and the MP5 Aurora Oni skin. In this article, we will show you how to play this event and get the skins.

Oni Spin Free Fire
The Oni Spin Event is now available in Free Fire.

Free Fire Oni Spin Event

Event duration: December 22 to December 28

Free Fire Oni Spin is a lucky spin event where players need to spend Diamonds to get rewards. The 2 Grand Prizes in this event are the Midnight Oni bundle and the MP5 Aurora Oni skin. There is also a Spiky Spine surfboard skin and a Maniac Jinx backpack skin.

There are 3 spinning options. You can spin 1 time for 20 Diamonds, 10 times for 180 Diamonds. There is also a special spin that costs 40 Diamonds per spin, but you get a 3x chance to get the Grand Prizes. We recommend you to use the spin 10 times for 180 Diamonds if you are going to play this event.

On top of the rewards from the spin, you will get extra rewards when you reach certain numbers of spins.

  • 10 spins - Diamond Royale Voucher
  • 20 spins - 2 Weapon Royale Vouchers
  • 30 spins - 3 Cube Fragments
Oni Spin Free Fire 1
There are 3 spinning options in the Oni Spin Free Fire event.

MP5 Aurora Oni Skin Overview

  • Rate of fire ++
  • Armor Penetration +
  • Magazine -

The MP5 Aurora Oni skin is a really good skin with 2 Rate of Fire buff and one Armor Penetration buff. With these buffs, the damage output of the MP5 gun in Free Fire will be increased significantly. The is a Magazine debuff but it will barely affect the power of the weapon at all.

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