Free Fire ranked matches might be quite of a skill test. To be able to win the match, you must exquisitely combine tactical prowess and gunplay. However, being skilled is not the only thing you need as placement and sheer luck to proceed from the early game.

Many players are eliminated in this stage and in most cases, the reason is some silly mistakes. Fortunately, you can totally avoid these early mistakes in Free Fire with our guide.

Free Fire
Steer clear from making these mistakes to stay alive longer during a ranked Free Fire match!

1. Land in hot-drop zones

It is extremely dangerous in hot-drop zones as aggressive players usually land in this place and attempt to kill each other for points. With these areas being volatile, surviving for over a few minutes already poses a hassle itself.

With this circumstance, most gamers exit the match early while also having their K/D lowered.

Free Fire Hot Drop
You should avoid landing in the hot drop zones in order not to sacrifice too early in your match.

That’s why you should avoid landing in these risky hot-drop zones. It is really not worth the danger and surviving is challenging due to the present skill gap. You had better land in passive locations and prepare for the mid-game.

2. Not rotate in the fight

Another spec among the early mistakes in Free Fire is failing to rotate. It is essential in the game as it lets you prepare for an appropriate position to engage enemies and view the field clearly. Nonetheless, most users tend to overlook this tactical move’s benefits.

Many either wait until the end to rotate or even don’t know how to rotate. You should learn how to rotate in Free Fire to avoid this disadvantage.

Although it may not be perfectly done all the time, you will still manage to avoid getting ambushed and remain unharmed after each safe zone shrinks. Doing this will make your ranked match easier and aid you towards getting a Booyah.

3. Interact with enemies with no proper equipment

During Free Fire ranked matches, most gamers tend to find enemies after looking for loot. The aim is to catch the opponents off guard in the early game and get a seamless elimination. However, things do not always work out that way.

The hunter can totally turn into the hunted, hence having to exit the match early. It is also one of the common early exit mistakes in Free Fire. You may manage to score an elimination but have to use all of your supplies.

Enemy In Free Fire
Before go looking for the enemies, players have to make sure they have the most proper equipment.

However, players can steer clear from this by getting better gear. With suitable equipment, you don’t have to empty the whole magazine to destroy an opponent or get destroyed by some body shots.

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