In Free Fire Clash Squad and Battle Royale, close range fights are probably the hardest. At that range, most players should be able to hit their targets - one needs to out damage enemies in order to survive. For that, a proper weapon is needed. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best Free Fire close range guns in OB31.

1. Vector Akimbo

Despite numerous nerfs, the Vector Akimbo has become the best close range weapon ever released in Free Fire. Even in OB31, it reigns on the top of the list for high damage weapons - 2 guns would always out damage one.

Vector Akimbo
Vector Akimbo is the most powerful amongst Free Fire close range guns.

While its low magazine size and ammo consumption can be an issue, it is not that hard to loot around for more ammo and extended magazines. To counter the Vector Akimbo, players should jump around, dodge into a corner, or throw a Gloo Wall to disengage. Trying to out damage it in close range is risky.

2. MAG-7

With mid-range power and a high fire rate, the MAG-7 is more agile than most shotguns. It is the newest shotgun in Free Fire and the most popular weapon in its class in OB31.

The MAG-7 has a large magazine similar to the M1014, however, unlike the M1014, it has a high fire rate of 53. This is the same tier as an assault rifle, which allows players to rapid fire their deadly shotgun blasts.

MAG-7 is the new king of shotguns

Usually, shotguns are balanced by their slow fire rate, which allows enemies to retaliate or run between shots. The MAG-7 removes that issue, making the shotgun deadlier than ever.


The Kord is one of the newest weapons added to the game in recent patches. It comes with a special "machine gun mode" that allows the gun to fire 3 bullets at the same time, which results in an incredible level of damage.

KORD is the hardest to use amongst Free Fire close range guns

This mode can be triggered by crouching before firing. While it might be somewhat hard to do in close range fights, players who master it can out damage and even deal with multiple enemies.

4. M1887

The M1887 has risen in power since the best weapon to counter it, Chrono's shield, has been nerfed in OB31. It is the most powerful single shot weapon in Free Fire, with the ability to deal massive damage per shot. And with 67 armor piercing, it is effective even in the late game against players with vests.

You can one shot people with the M1887

Similar to a sniper rifle, the M1887 can get a kill with one headshot or two body shots. However, you need to be careful, as it has only a 2 bullet magazine. Enemies can turn the table if you miss.

5. MP40

The MP40 remains the most popular weapon in Free Fire OB31, as it is the gun with the highest fire rate. If you are good at controlling your spray, the MP40's fast attacks can finish off an enemy fairly quickly.

MP40 is easy to use but hard to master.

To balance this out, Garena has not allowed the gun to be fitted with anything but magazine and stock. It would take some practice to use the weapon effectively, especially against moving targets.

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