Free Fire is a name you cannot miss when it comes to the best battle royale games as of late. The title has multiplied a lot in the last few years and the community is gaining more and more fans over time.

Meanwhile, the large audience has sought to learn from the popular content creators and streamers if they need tips on conquering their game. Consequently, some of the players have attained unprecedented success with millions of followers and billions of views on online platforms.

Dasha Free Fire
Who are the best YouTubers for Free Fire that you should watch in 2022?

Check out the best Free Fire Youtubers 2022 you should all watch here!

Helping Gamer

Helping Gamer’s real name is HG Sarfraj. The Indian Youtuber routinely uploads straight-to-the-point guides for Indian server players, hence helping them quickly complete events and get rewards.

He often offers information about upcoming content. At the moment, he has garnered about 7.73 million fans and nearly 520k views.

helping gamer
Helping Gamer has created the niche as one of the most reliable Youtube accounts when it comes to Free Fire guides.

Watching Helping Gamer's channel will significantly aid the gamer with multiple events coming in.


Born2Kill Youtuber is yet another name you should check out when it comes to the best Free Fire Youtubers 2022. The channel is managed by Walid and Moez, pulling in great numbers for their videos.

Overall, they have a 552 million viewership and a collection of over 8.5 million subscribers. In the previous month alone, they have gained 9.707 million views.

B2k Free Fire stats
Born2kill stats on his Free Fire accounts

Although their videos were recorded on a PC, they are still quite entertaining to watch.

Badge 99

Hailing from Uttarakhand, India, Badge99 Free Fire owns one of the most thriving channels in the nation. Bharat, the owner, got less than 1 million subscribers in September 2020 and he now has 8.47 million.

Badge 99
Badge99 is famous for his commentary-loaded gameplay vids.

Desi Gamers

Also known as Amitbhai, Desi Gamers developed as one of the top 5 Free Fire Youtuber phenomena in 2022.

He usually provides gamers with challenge videos that are often related to the latest or trending element of Free Fire. Namely, he only played with the Mini UZI in one of his videos and it attracted a lot of views and comments.

Not only that, he has set a certain standard for not just his content but also the way he builds his own channel. Desi Gamers is an example for the best Free Fire Youtube Channel name ideas.

Desi Gamers
His channel has boasted 1.7 billion views and 12.3 million subscribers at the time of writing.


Free Fire updates and leaks are one of the aspects that fascinate many gamers. Meanwhile, Freefirenews is one of the best Free Fire Youtubers 2022 that help you stay updated with the game.

Although the content is in Portuguese, you can still have a visual look at new events and items within Free Fire as most of them are the same over the world. Currently, the channel has 650k subscribers and 533 videos, with 63.95 million views.

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