Countering enemies outside the play zone is very dangerous. You will die faster when taking damage from both the electric zone and enemies. Therefore, you need some tips for combat outside the play zone. Here are the top 3 things you must do when fighting outside the white circle. These tips will help you survive till the endzone and finish the match in the top 10 in the BR Ranking mode.

#1. Make Sure You Can Escape

When battling outside the safe zone, you need to leave a safe way to escape the combat. You can escape on foot or use a vehicle. But if you are far from the zone, you should have a vehicle or surfboard to move into the play zone in time.

Don't be too greedy in combat outside the safe zone. Count the time and enter the play zone, especially after the third circle because the zone will shrink faster and the electric zone deal more damage on players.

Make Sure You Can Escape
Make sure you can escape the gunfight safely.

#2. Use Supplies Wisely And Sparingly

In a gunfight outside the play zone, every bullet and medkit are very essential. You should conserve them because you do not have time to loot after the gunfight. Don't waste your bullets when the opponent has a hardcover to hide and avoid all bullets.

There are two options for you in this situation. First, you can use your safe way to escape the combat and enter the play zone. Or else, you can rotate and find a good shooting angle to take him down. After you win the gunfight, loot supplies quickly to move into the safe zone.

Eat Mushroom To Save Medkits
Eat mushrooms to save medkits.

#3. Find Hardcover And High Ground

Another must-do in a gunfight outside the play zone is having a hardcover to hide. Instead of using breakable Gloo Walls, you should find a big tree, wall, or rock to hide. Besides, you should save Gloo Wall for later combat in the last zone or countering camper near the edge of the play zone.

The high ground will give players a wider ad better view over enemies on the low ground. Besides, you can spot and shoot them down with a better angle from higher grounds. When you use the prone action, enemies can hardly spot you. Therefore, always accupy high grounds, such as mountain peaks, rooftops, and balcony of houses and buildings.

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