Day 1 of Free Fire Winter Invitational 2021 is over. FFWI is the last tournament from Free Fire India this year, with teams made up of invited pro players instead of the usual pro squads. In this article, we are going to showcase a complete recap of the first day of Free Fire Winter Invitational 2021.

1. Free Fire Winter Invitational Day 1 Standings

At the end of the day, Team Mafiabala rise to the top of the chart with their consistent performance, however, they did not manage to get any booyah. They managed to get 74 points in total, with a respectable 34 kills. Coming a close second is team Mafia, with only one point behind. They managed to score 39 kills.

The third place is claimed by team Prince with 67 points. Elite Iconic and Killer's squad didn't do very well, who finishes at the bottom of the rankings.

Day 1
Day 1 Standings is actually a big surprise: a lot of big names fell into the bottom of the table.

2. Free Fire Winter Invitational Day 1 Recap

Team Mafia managed to win the first match of the day on Bermuda, scored a respectable 12 kills. Mafia, the team's captain and star player, becomes the MVP with 7 frags. PVS Gaming came 2nd with 11 kill points.

The second match of the day was claimed by team Prince. However, the actual best team in the match is Mafia, who ends the 2nd round with 11 kills. PVS once again secured the 2nd spot with placement points.

Team Javaboy rise to the top in the third match of the day, claiming Booyah with only 6 kills. The second and third places were claimed by team Ayush and FozyAjay, with 9 and 5 kills respectively.

The final match
The final match on Kalahari was super exciting, with the squads clashes again each other from the beginning to the end.

At the end of the third match, Team Mafia remains firmly on the top with 50 points. PVS Gaming is second with 11 points behind. However, everything changed in the latter half of day 1, with Mafiabala's team scoring a lot of points. While team Fozy Ajay won the booyah on round 4, their kill score is rather lacking at only 5.

The fifth and sixth matches were claimed by Prince and Team Delete, with 7 and 12 kills respectively. Team Mafiabala did super well and rise to the top spot.

3. Free Fire Winter Invitational Day 1 MVP

Mafia and his teammate Xnonu claimed 2 out of 5 spots on the MVP leaderboard. Nivesh from PVS and Radhetk from Mafiabala also perform great as well. However, compared to the usual tournament results, their damage scores are pretty low. Mafia only managed to score over 5k damage, while the runner up, Radhetk, only managed to reach 4.5k

best players
Top players in the tournament so far

This is a mini tournament that only lasts for 5 days. The second day of Free Fire Winter Invitational 2021 is going to be broadcasted live on Free Fire India Esports' Youtube channel. Fans can tune in to watch using the below links.

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