The New Age events are coming very close and Free Fire is slowly releasing new events for players to claim exclusive rewards. One of the latest events is the Free Fire Snow Fest Missions event. In this event, players will be able to claim an exclusive Avatar and Banner just by doing very simple missions. Let's check out it here in this article.

Snow Fest Free Fire
Free Fire Snow Fest Missions event

Free Fire Snow Fest Missions Event

Event duration: December 15 to December 20

For the duration of the event, players can get 1 Red Flake Banner and 1 Snowy Globe Avatar by doing missions given by the event. Here are the details in the event:

  • Play 3 matches with friends - Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Kill enemies 19 times - 1 Red Flake Banner
  • Play 20 matches - 1 Snowy Globe Avatar

These missions can be completed in any mode in Free Fire (except in Custom Room). The best mode to complete these missions is the Clash Squad mode as the matches are short and the gameplay is faster.

Snow Fest Free Fire 1
Complete missions in Snow Fest Free Fire to claim free rewards.

Upcoming New Age events in Free Fire

Free Fire is going to introduce multiple New Age events on December 17. Come with it is a new Alpine map, a new Yeti pet, and much more exciting content. The new Alpine map consists of 2 islands with 16 different locations for players to explore. There are also a lot of non-interactive structures on the map such as a helicopter, cargo ship to increase the emergence.

There will be a lot of free rewards and exciting events for players to join. Stay tuned with us to catch up with the latest information and update about the upcoming New Age events.

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