Weapons are the most important aspect of every shooter, and Free Fire is not an exception to this rule. Not all weapons are created equal - each has its own strength and some are much better than others. In this article, we are going to showcase the 6 underpowered weapons in Free Fire OB31 that players should avoid using.

1. G18

The G18 pistol is generally considered the worst gun in Free Fire. All of its parameters are super low, from damage to range and magazine size. Its reload speed is also super low as well. You might find yourself overwhelmed with enemy fire using the G18.

Furthermore, outside of an extra magazine, you cannot equip any attachments to this gun. Overall, it is the weakest weapon in the game and should not be used unless you have no other choice.

G18 in Free Fire is among the worst weapons in Free Fire OB31.

2. VSS

The VSS is probably the worst gun in the SMG class. It is a hybrid of a sniper rifle and an SMG, however, the weapon manages to perform worse than both. While its range is decent and fire rate is high, the low damage makes the VSS ineffective in long-range combat. You would not be able to hit many shots, as enemies would just evade right away.

In close-range fights, the VSS is beaten by pretty much all other SMGs in the game. This is why you should ditch this gun as soon as possible.

VSS in Free Fire

3. SPAS 12

Despite a lot of buffs in OB30 and prior patches, the SPAS 12 still remains one of the most underpowered weapons in Free Fire OB31. Its high damage per shot can be useful, but the delay between shots is just too much to deal with. If you miss your shot, it is highly likely that the enemy would be able to drop you dead right away.

SPAS 12 in Free Fire

4. USP

The USP is about the same tier as the G18, with its low damage, fire rate, and range. However, it can be dual-wielded in akimbo mode, which can be surprisingly effective against foes. This ability pretty much removes the low damage weakness of the gun and brings it to the "usable" tier. This is why the base USP is only #4 on this list.

USP in Free Fire

5. M1873

The M1873 is an old shotgun that you can equip on the sidearm slot. Power-wise, the weapon is excellent, with the same ability to one-shot other players similar to the M1887. However, the chance that you would be able to do this in a match is super small, as the M1873 has the lowest range in the game... at only 8.

This means it is essentially a melee weapon. You need to stand right next to your target to be able to damage them. Overall, this rarely happens in a Free Fire match.

M1873 in Free Fire

6. CG15

The CG 15 SMG has the same weakness as the VSS - it is an SMG that specialized in long-range combat. Overall, the weapon just does not have the damage per shot required to be effective in long-range... and scoring enough shots on enemies is a big challenge.

CG15 in Free Fire

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