Free Fire’s developers have tried their best to differentiate the game from other competitors in the Battle Royale genre by adding new characters, weapons, and features like pets. However, with the weapon roster being only about 60% of PUBG Mobile, Garena has been taking some weird directions instead of just merely adding more guns. They added futuristic and “fictional” gun instead - and the CG15 SMG is one of them.

One of the most unique weapons in the game

This weapon is one of the most unique in Free Fire and Battle Royale shooters in general - in this article, we would tell you everything you need to know about this gun, from stats, design, strategy...etc

1 - Statistics of the CG 15

Stats of the CG-15

Here are the stats of the CG15 - it has the damage, movement speed and rate of fire similar to other weapons in its class, however, the other stats couldn't be more different. In exchange for 10-20 fewer bullets in a magazine, the CG15 has a much higher range, reload speed, and accuracy, akin to an Assault Rifle. This means you can just use the gun in place of an AR if you haven't found one yet.

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Close up of the gun

Attachment wise, the CG15 comes with its own built-in scope, which is about x2 - usable for medium range fights. It can be modded further with a foregrip and magazine, unlike other "futuristic weapons" such as the Treatment Gun or Heatgun

2 - Special ability and Strategy for the CG15

The CG15 has a special ability to fire a charged shot that can deal as much damage as a sniper bullet - after you have charged it for a couple of seconds. The damage dealt would be based on the time you charged it, with the maximum being 3 seconds. If you catch your enemy off guard, this would be a great way to open combat, as the extra damage could be a huge advantage.

This ability can only be activated when you scoped in. Players need to practice a little before firing the charged shot, as it is somewhat tricky to use at first. The special shot also has a longer range than normal shots.

3 - Design of the CG15

About the design of the CG15, there is only one thing to say: With a scope and a rather long barrel, no one would believe at first glance that the CG 15 is actually an SMG.

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