Garena Free Fire has just announced a brand new collaboration event with Champions Legion, a Multiplayer Battle Royale Arena similar to League of Legends. Free Fire has been pushing up the rate of its collaborations as of late - while most of it was released for the South American server first and foremost, the events are still getting ported to Global... and India would get it, eventually.

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A new collaboration between Free Fire and another mobile game

Besides this Champion MOBA Collab event, we are also going to get a Money Heist collab in September. These events usually bring exclusive items based on the series of the collab, along with hordes of new and unique contents. Below are the available details about the collab:

Free Fire x Champions Legion event

The free costumes and skin from the event

For the duration of the event, Free Fire players would be able to get free rewards when they progress in Champions' Legion. Three vouchers would be unlocked just by linking a Champions Legion account to a Free Fire account, so even if you are not playing the game, creating a throwaway account just to get the vouchers is pretty easy.

If you decided to play it, however, you would need to get to level 15 and 25 to unlock the rest of the free gifts - a permanent Moonlight FAMAS skin and TWO permanent unique costumes, respectively. While these prizes seem big, investing time to get yourself to level 25 in a MOBA is pretty time-consuming.

What is Champions Legion?

Screen 0
This is literally league, however, a character in here has only 3 skills

Champions Legion is a MOBA, in which you control a character in a team of 5, fighting on a three-lane map to destroy the enemy bases. Each character would have a number of unique abilities that they must use in conjunction with their teammates to win the match.

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The game is available in Global as well

In short, it is a League of Legends clone, but on mobile. If you have played League, this game is pretty much in the bag. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about Laura character in Free Fire and her ability.