One of the more exciting features in Free Fire that you can use to customize your characters is the emote system. These emote are separated by tiers, ranging from normal all the way to legendary. As a rule of thumb, it is super easy to get a normal emote… but the legendary or rare would take much more effort.

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The new Emote party event is your best chance to get all the emotes you have missed

If you are trying to get a legendary emote, this new exclusive “Emote Party” event is probably your best bet. In this special event, you can easily acquire one of the rarest emote in the game, the “doggie” emote.

1 - About emotes draw

Usually, players would have to spend a pretty high number of diamonds to spin the emote lucky wheel - 19 for a normal draw and 199 for a super draw. However, in this event, the price is cut into half, with 9 for normal and 99 for super.

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Even normal draw would guarantee a prize within the pool, which contains mostly emotes

The Super Draw is much better than the Normal Draw, of course, as the roster is much smaller and therefore it is easier to get legendary. Normal Draw’s roster is the entire draw pool.

2 - Event details

This event would last for only one more day - it would end on August 11, so if you are in need of a new emote, you should get to it immediately.

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A super draw would give you an emote every time

In this event, on your fifth super draw, the legendary emote “doggie” is guaranteed to drop. Afterward, every 5 super draws would give you another unowned legendary emote. You can definitely get those emotes before the fifth try, of course.

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