Kalahari is the newest map in Free Fire, and because of that, players definitely haven’t explored everything about this map. In this article, we would reveal the five facts you might not know about Kalahari and how you can use those to your advantage.

Free Fire Kalahari Desert Stjw
Kalahari is the most creative map in Free Fire to date

1 - Kalahari is the Smallest Map in Free Fire

The first thing to be noticed about Kalahari is that it is the smallest map in the game, even smaller than Bermuda or Purgatory. Coupled with the general lack of covers, players would have to move around on the map a lot faster instead of dawdle on the map, as they are very likely to be spotted.

2 - Kalahari is based on a real-life location

Free Fire Pha Vo Luong Nguoi Online Moi Ngay 41b 4
There are a lot of high ground on Kalahari map

It is adapted partly from the Kalahari desert of Africa, which is actually teemed with life every spring. The weird part is that there are a few details that implied the location was submerged underwater in the past – with a skeleton of a gigantic creature, a stranded submarine, and a stranded ship. There is also an oil drill platform as well.

3 - Kalahari has the largest amount of high ground

The area is super hilly, with combat focused on three dimensions and not just two. You would have to watch around for targets above and under you as well.

Some of the locations on the map are the tallest in-game such as the top of the submarine, for example.

4 - Kalahari has the least named locations

There are only 13 named locations in Kalahari, the lowest in the game. The map is filled with small buildings all over, however. You can actually land on a random location on this map and still able to gather a decent amount of loot.

The top of the sub crane is one of the highest locations in Free Fire

5 - Kalahari has a decent number of hiding places

Garena has learned a lot from designing the previous two maps when creating Kalahari. There are just too many dead spots that cannot be scouted in the region such as the top of the council hall, top of the refinery, and more.

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