Garena is currently focusing on its biggest project of the year, Free Fire Max. This version of Free Fire is going to be an upgraded version of the normal Free Fire, with advanced graphical effects, visuals texture… and more. In this article, we would reveal the two new features that were just leaked from the beta test.

1 – What is Free Fire Max?

Based on previous reveals, Free Fire Max’s main target would be people with high-end devices – they would be able to play the game on the new Ultra HD setting, which looks much better than the highest settings of normal Free Fire.

Screen 5

The developers have been pretty conservative in testing Max, however, as the previous beta testing event was only available for 3 countries: Malaysia, Cambodia and Bolivia, all of which do not have as big a Free Fire community as India. Apparently, the next phase has started in certain areas – with the main Free Fire max portal currently accepting registrations.

2 – What are the new features?

New Intro

The first change that people would see in the Max version is the animated intro screen. Previously, Free Fire Max use the same static loading screens as the normal version – this change would make logging into the game and loading matches much more dynamic and…cool. The animated intro would play a new video every time the game is started.

The only video available currently is the game's official trailer, however. It is likely that Garena would add more videos when Max is released globally.

Moving character and pet in the lobby

Free Fire Max India New Lobby 5da2
The player character and his pet is now walking in the lobby

The second feature added is Free Fire's character lobby animation. The player character and his pet would not stand still anymore - they would continue to move forward, providing a much more immersive experience.

Besides these above changes, there are a few smaller fixes for animations of weapons and vehicles as well. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post for more information about the new Mr. Waggor Pet.