Free Fire’s character system is probably the most unique aspect of the game -with over 30 characters to choose from, you can get a number of unique skills to aid you in combat. However, not all characters are created equal – some character skills are much less useful than the others. Because of his skill, Kla is often overlooked… there is definitely a way to make him work. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire’s Kla.

1 - Kla's backstory

Kla is a famous martial artist who practiced Muay Thai. His specialties are his punches, which can deal a lot of damage. In the ring, they are rumored to have the ability to “Break anything and everything”.

Muay Thai is focused on Kicks, not Fists

His backstory is shrouded in mystery. Kla mysteriously disappeared a few years ago and no one was able to find him. Afterward, he reappears as a different person – according to people who knew Kla, the guy has changed a lot, to the extent that no one in the industry was able to recognize him.

Kla comes back as an avenger – he would give no mercy to his enemies.

2 - Kla's ability and how to use it

Details about Kla

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Kla in Free Fire

You can exchange for Kla in the shop with either 499 diamonds or 8000 coins. Kla's ability is named Muay Thai - it increases the damage dealt by his fist.

  • Level 1: +100% damage
  • Level 2: +150% damage
  • Level 3: +200% damage
  • Level 4: +250% damage
  • Level 6: +300% damage
  • Level 8: +400% damage

At levels 5 and 7, players can unlock Avenger's Fists Jacket and Art of Eight.

How to use Kla's ability?

The ability quintupled Kla's fist damage - one punch would be the equivalent of a whopping 5 normal punches. While bringing a melee weapon into a gunfight is not a good idea, it might be situationally viable, especially when Hayato Firebrand has just been released.

If you can close the distance and have the correct skillset, Kla's ability can shine. Furthermore, beating up another player with your bare hands is much cooler than just shooting. It is best to combine Kla's ability with Alok's "Drop the beat", Hayato Firebrand's ability and maybe even Joseph's.

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