Characters are one of the best features in Garena Free Fire, one that set it apart from other games in the Battle Royale Genre. Currently, there are about 30 characters in Free Fire, each with a unique ability that can be used to gain advantages on the battlefield. The special part about this is that almost every character in Free Fire can use a combination of 4 different skills - which create even more depth to the game.

Since January 2020, 4 characters have been added to the game. In this article, we would list out all of them and figure out which is the best out of the 4.

1 - Steffie (Ability: Painted Refuge)

Steffie Portada

A pro graffiti artist with the ability to create a graffiti that reduce bullet damage taken by 5% and explosive damage taken by 15%. This ability only lasts for 5 seconds, however, with a 45s cooldown. Overall, Steffie’s ability is too weak and clunky to use - it might be worth something if it is a passive that lasts permanently… but sadly, it’s not. Defensive abilities are not as useful in general comparing to offensive ones, especially one that you have to time like Steffie’s.

2 - Kapella (Ability: Healing Song)

Free Fire 2100x1200

A popular K-pop idol singer with the passive ability that increases the effects of all healing provided by your character by 10%, along with 20% bonus HP when revived downed players. More HP is always useful - and when combined with something like Olivia’s ability, you could even be the specialized healer of the squad.

3 - Clu (Ability: Tracing Steps)

Garena Free Fire Clu 4k Oh

A private detective with the ability to track enemy locations in the 30-meter radius, as long as they are not in a prone or crouch position. This ability is super useful in any mode - if your foes are careless, you would definitely be able to get the drop on them. You can even call this a “Wall Hack” of a sort. It is not really useful when you and your enemy have detected each other, of course.

4 - Luqueta (Ability: Hat Trick)


An up and rising football star with the ability to increase Max HP after every kill, up to 35. This is probably one of the best skills ever released in Free Fire. While Hat Trick does not have any effect at the start… as soon as you get 2 kills, the full effect of the skill would be activated - prancing around with 235 HP would give you a massive advantage in 1vs1 firefights and against snipers - no snipers would be able to one-shot you.

5 - Wolfrahh (Ability: Limelight)


Wolfrahh is a famous streamer with the ability to reduce the damage caused by enemy headshot by 25% while increasing your own damage to enemy limbs. This is absolutely useful in higher tier games, as with a level 3 helmet and Limelight, even a headshot from a sniper rifle would not be able to stop you. The damage increase is just the cherry on top.


Luqueta = Wolfrahh > Clu > Kapella > Steffie. If you are going to purchase characters, do it based on that sequence. Interested in more of our posts related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this article to find out more about the upcoming Money Heist collab event.