Free Fire has become one of the most popular battle royale titles in India, going shoulder to shoulder with PUBG Mobile. The reason that Garena’s game was able to compete with PUBG Mobile, the original BR, is probably the unique character system.

In this article, we would explore Free Fire Laura ability, along with her backstory, design and strategy to use.

1 - Laura’s backstory and design


This character is amongst the earliest released in Free Fire, with a debut date of May 2019, as part of the OB 19 update. You can get her in the shop for 499 diamonds… or roll in the character royale.

Laura Ability in Free Fire
Laura Ability in Free Fire

Laura has the classic design for female characters in video games - while special forces do wear that type of attire, the degree of exposure would be super low. And the usage of heels in combat is debatable. Overall, realistically, a character like this would not exist - but for a video game, well… her assets are what we came here for.


Ever since she was a kid, Laura has been a superb shooter - she was trained by her father from a very young age. Growing up, Laura joins the special forces of the government with her sharpshooting ability and become a great agent - one rumored to have never missed a shot. Her current assignment is to hunt a serial killer called “Crow”.

Free Fire Laura Ability
Free Fire Laura Ability

She has some connections to the other characters in Free Fire, of course. She and Rafael were childhood friends - Laura even protected him from the bullies. However, when Rafael moved away, they lose all contact with each other. In the army, Laura also met and befriended Ford.

2 - Free Fire Laura Ability

Laura’s special skill is a passive ability named “Sharpshooter”, which increases her accuracy significantly if she scoped in. In a shooter like Free Fire, high accuracy matters a lot - a headshot would eliminate your enemy much faster than any kind of damage boost in the game.

Laura character in free fire ability
Laura character in free fire ability

This is exactly why Laura is a super popular character - to both pro players and newbies alike. While this skill can be used on all scoped weapons, its most useful in ranged combat, as people more often than not would use a scope at long distance.

Laura Ability in Free Fire
Laura Ability in Free Fire

We all know that in a battle royale, most fights happen at a long-range. Below are the level progressions of her skills - you can level it up using Memory Fragments.

  • Level 1: Accuracy increased by 10% while scoped in.
  • Level 2: Accuracy increased by 14% while scoped in.
  • Level 3: Accuracy increased by 18% while scoped in.
  • Level 4: Accuracy increased by 22% while scoped in.
  • Level 5: Unlocks a “Windbreaker” Jacket
  • Level 6: Accuracy increased by 26% while scoped in.
  • Level 7: Unlocks a “Special Agent Banner”
  • Level 8: Accuracy increased by 30% while scoped in.

3 - Tips and Tricks on using Laura Ability in Free Fire

You would probably want to use a sniper build or at least get a scope on whatever weapon you are using when having Laura’s skill in your arsenal. Any scopes would do - just remember that opening scope would cost you time in which enemies can get a few hits in first. To prevent that, it is best to prematurely open the scope to scout when you walk around.

laura character in free fire ability
Laura character in free fire ability

Laura can work as a decent camper as well - just wait on a vantage point somewhere for people to waltz into your range. In a team game, you can have other people scout out the locations as well.

4 - Skill combinations for Laura in Free Fire

The first and best synergy skill available for Laura is Rafael’s Dead Silent - this would create a pretty deadly sniper combo - enemies would not be able to see it coming. Hayato and Moco’s abilities can be pretty good as well.

Free Fire Laura Ability
Free Fire Laura Ability

With Hayato’s Bushido, you would be able to deal even more damage by keeping your HP low when snipe (the armor-piercing buff would be stronger that way). Moco’s Hacker’s eye, on the other hand, would temporarily tag your target on the map so that you could see their general location.

Wolfrahh's Limelight and Wukong's Camouflage can be good alternates as well, along with Miguel's EP restore skill, Crazy Slayer.

5 - Summary

Overall, Laura is an excellent character in both gameplay and design - if you want to go pro, aim to purchase her as soon as possible.

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