Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles. The game features a large collection of weapons of different types. Each weapon type has its own strength and limitation. Players can choose to use the weapon that they want to use on the battlefield.

Free Fire Usp Akimbo
Free Fire adds 2 new Akimbo pistols in the Clash Squad mode

With every update, Free Fire adds new interesting features and makes changes to weapons to make the game more balanced and interesting. Recently, Free Fire just added 2 new weapons to the Clash Squad mode, the USP-2, and the M1917, both of which will have Akimbo mode. These weapons will be Clash Squad-exclusive. Below are more details about these two new weapons!


The USP-2 is a different version of the USP pistol that already exists in Free Fire. It will be introduced in the Clash Squad mode. The USP-2 has a higher Rate of Fire than the USP-2 but a slower Reload Speed. The weapon can attach a Muzzle and a Magazine.

The USP-2 will cost 500$ in the shop in Clash Squad, making it a pretty good option to start the game in the first round.

Usp 2 Free Fire
New USP-2 Akimbo in Free Fire

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The M1917 is a brand new pistol in Free Fire with decent damage and Rate of Fire. With the Akimbo mode, it might take down the enemies just as fast as other primary weapons. The weapon can attach a Foregrip.

The M1917 will cost 1100$ in the shop in Clash Squad. It is the most expensive Handgun in Clash Squad.

M1917 Free Fire
New M1917 Akimbo in Free Fire

What do you think about the addition of these 2 weapons in Clash Squad? Do you think they are going to be overpowered or not? Let's us know your thought in the comment below.

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