Free Fire features a large collection of weapons of all kinds. Among them, Free Fire Marksmanrifle guns are weapons that are effective for mid-range and long-range combats. Unlike sniper rifles, these weapons have a decent fire rate but lower damage per shot. They are perfect for taking down a running enemy from far away. Currently, there is a total of 3 Marksmanrifles in Free Fire.

In this article, we are going to rank all the Marksmanrifles in Free Fire from worst to best.

3. SKS

The SKS is not a bad gun but compared to other Marksmanrifles in Free Fire, it is the most underwhelmed. It actually has the highest range out of all but it will not be too useful in most situations. Meanwhile, the damage and armor penetration of the SKS is low and the Rate of Fire is average.

Sks Free Fire
SKS in Free Fire

2. SVD

The SVD Marksmanrifle only appears in the airdrop, which means it is a very powerful weapon. It has high damage, high armor penetration, and an insane range. The weapon has high accuracy and you can take down the enemy within a few shots, especially when you have good SVD skins.

However, it is hard to find the SVD than other guns.

Svd Free Fire
SVD in Free Fire

1. Woodpecker

Woodpecker has somewhat the same power level as the SVD but it is much more common. It has the highest armor penetration among all Marksmanrifles, which is very effective against Lv 3 vest. The Woodpecker has the lowest effective range out of all guns in Free Fire. That means it will be not as good in a really long-range fight, but once again, it not a really big problem.

The Woodpecker will be more effective as the match goes into the late game and it is quite easy to find, making it the best Marksmanrifle in Free Fire.

Woodpecker Free Fire
Woodpecker in Free Fire

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