As of now, the Free Fire manifestation of the Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is among the strongest in the game. On December 13th, 2020, Free Fire released him as a part of the collaboration with the legendary striker.

Free Fire Cr7
Chrono is the manifestation of Cristiano Ronaldo in Free Fire.

However, Chrono's skill was later nerfed since it was way too overpowered. The ability - Time Turner, still blocks damage and increases allies' movement speed. But the cooldown duration also increases to 200 seconds. The long CD time makes Chrono falls off the current meta.

Yet, we believe Chrono still has great potential if players know what they're doing. If you want to master Chrono, here are three tips to make use of Chrono to his full potentials in Garena Free Fire.

1. Pick Rockie

The primary downside of Chrono comes from his long cooldown time. That is something players can remedy by pairing him with Rockie. Rockie is a pet in Free Fire whose ability reduces the cooldown time of the active skill by 6% at level 1 and 15% at the highest level.

Time Turner
Pair him with Rockie to subsidize the long cooldown.

At the highest level, Rockie will take 30 seconds off Time Turner's CD, allowing players to use the skill more.

2. Choose A Team Wisely

Different characters in Free Fire can combo together to make a lethal squad. Ideally, their abilities should complement each other. That's the idea behind a team surround Chrono. Pair him with other characters that could him perform better in the game.

For example, Chrono, Moco, Dasha, and Laura make an excellent team for mid and long-range combat. You can use Time-Turner to set up a cover for taking out enemies from a distance. Moco will mark and reveal the location of enemies who are shot. And with Dasha's recoil reduction and Laura's accuracy boost, the opponents will certainly struggle to survive the precise shots.

3. Grind Ranked Squad Matches

Chrono has a very long cooldown in his ability. That's why he will not be a great choice for short and intense modes such as Clash Squad. Instead, the character shines in longer modes where there's time for his ability to come online after use.

Operation Chrono
Play him in ranked matches exclusively.

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